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1st February 2017 London, UK

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by Steven Hardy

Social Media Manager

Digital in a crisis: the Gambia

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is always front and centre of the UK government’s response to an overseas crisis. They’re always high pressure events and lives are often on the line. Depending on the scale there’s a whole set of processes and teams that swing into action, all centred around our Crisis Management Department (CMD), […]

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18th December 2015 London, UK

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by Alison Daniels

Digital Transformation Leader at UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Digital diplomacy in 2015

At the start of 2015 the Digital Transformation Unit set itself an ambitious to do list. After the euphoria of celebrating our first anniversary, the year has been defined by hard graft as we’ve worked with colleagues across the FCO to begin work on how to deliver digital services to British people across the world […]

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13th February 2015 Toronto, Canada

DementiaHack 2014: Video recap

DementiaHack, the world’s first dementia-themed hackathon, took place in September 2014 in partnership with HackerNest. If you don’t have four hours to watch the raw video from the event then here are two- and ten-minute recaps: Look out for a guest post from hackathon winners CareUmbrella in the next few weeks. We also hope to […]

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4th September 2013 Beirut, Lebanon

Tom Fletcher

by Tom Fletcher

Former British Ambassador to Lebanon

Ambassador 2020

I’ve posted before about Naked Diplomacy and why diplomats must ride the digital tiger. Last week I was scheduled to join Foreign Minister Bildt for a Q&A session on innovative diplomacy with Sweden’s ambassadors. I was looking forward to learning from them, as the first Foreign Ministry to put all their envoys on Twitter. But […]

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14th December 2012 Washington DC, USA

James Barbour

by James Barbour

Press Secretary and Head of Communications

GREAT British boxer Amir Khan in Los Angeles

The following is a guest post by Dame Barbara Hay, British Consul-General in Los Angeles. They used to say Amir Khan was the best thing to happen to race relations in Britain. The son of Pakistani immigrants and a practising Muslim, he made all of Britain proud by winning silver at the 2004 Olympics and […]

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27th March 2012 Ottawa, Canada

Low-carbon opportunities

I was at GLOBE 2012 in Vancouver, from 14-16 March. The conference looked at environmental, energy and sustainability issues. I’ve recorded a short video blog, which touches on the subjects and talks briefly about the London Olympics. Do watch it, and I hope it’s of interest. Many thanks. Andrew

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13th December 2011 Toronto, Canada

McMaster International Forum on R&D

The McMaster International Forum on R&D was held in Hamilton (ON) back in September, and I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend. The Forum brought together a group of academic, business and government leaders to explore the role of research-intensive universities and other stakeholders in stimulating innovation, with a particular view to international […]

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7th December 2011 Ottawa, Canada

SIN podcast: Dr. Adrian Bird on epigenetics

The Gairdner Awards are Canada’s foremost international awards, given to outstanding medical researchers who have made a significant contribution to the quality of human life. The 2011 recipients include Dr. Michael Hayden, Dr. Jules Hoffmann (who also won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine) and Dr. Adrian Bird of the University of Edinburgh. […]

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