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17th September 2012 Ottawa, Canada

Battle of Britain Day

I attended the 72nd anniversary of the Battle of Britain at Ottawa’s Aviation Museum on 16 September, under flawless blue skies – a bit like during the Battle itself – and in the presence of the Chief of Air Staff, veterans, cadets and members on parade of the Royal Canadian Air Force. I said the […]

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31st May 2012 Ottawa, Canada

A GREAT day in Canada

I haven’t blogged much recently, as we’ve been launching the GREAT campaign across Canada. GREAT as in Britain, and it asks Canadians to take a new look at the Old Country. You’ll be surprised by what you see. All the things you’d expect in the history and tradition departments – and we’re on the verge of […]

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27th April 2012 Ottawa, Canada

Celebrating our contributions to polar research

This week, Montreal is hosting the International Polar Year conference, IPY 2012: From Knowledge to Action. IPY 2012 brings together over 3000 international experts from across a variety of fields, with the ambitious agenda of using the knowledge accumulated by researchers during international polar year activities, and developing concrete actions to move forward. The polar […]

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18th April 2012 Ottawa, Canada

100 days to go

Today we begin the 100 day countdown to the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the 30th Olympiad – in London, on 27 July 2012. There will be events at many other sites around the United Kingdom. But eyes will turn to London: the only city to host the Games three times. It’ll be a […]

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4th April 2012 Ottawa, Canada

A great pre-Olympic experience

I had a great pre-Olympic experience last weekend. I was invited by Pierre La Fontaine to witness the Olympic and Paralympic swimming trials. Pierre is CEO of Swimming Canada, and National Coach to boot. It was fun going into the Stade Olympique in Montreal, meeting officials and swimmers, and offering them a public welcome to […]

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27th March 2012 Ottawa, Canada

Low-carbon opportunities

I was at GLOBE 2012 in Vancouver, from 14-16 March. The conference looked at environmental, energy and sustainability issues. I’ve recorded a short video blog, which touches on the subjects and talks briefly about the London Olympics. Do watch it, and I hope it’s of interest. Many thanks. Andrew

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25th January 2012 Ottawa, Canada

Scotland’s gifts to Canada

January the 25th is Burns Night, an anniversary globally celebrated. It’s right and proper, therefore, to reflect for a moment on the Scottish contribution to Canada. I was given a book the other day, modestly titled: How the Scots Invented Canada, by Ken McGoogan. It points, not without evidence, to the seminal contribution made by […]

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11th January 2012 Ottawa, Canada

The War of 1812

As we approach the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, Canadians have begun to reflect on its role in shaping what Canada is today.  But this is also a chance for Britain to consider its own contribution to the conflict, and how its relationship with Canada has evolved over the past two centuries. The […]

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