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22nd March 2021 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Matt Field

by Matt Field

British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina


Ambassador Matt Field and General Masovic looking at a UK donation to BiH Armed Forces

No country in the modern world can alone face the many security challenges of today – from climate change to pandemics, transnational crime to cyber-attacks. We all need partners and friends. We all need the chance to improve ourselves through cooperation. That’s what a relationship with NATO offers. And the nature of that relationship is […]

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11th March 2021 Ukraine

Melinda Simmons

by Melinda Simmons

British Ambassador to Ukraine

Now is the time to speed up the move away from coal

Unabated coal burning does serious damage.  As the dirtiest, most polluting way of producing energy, it’s cheap and plentiful, but it comes at a different sort of cost.  Coalmines and coal-processing plants have caused heavy environmental damage: surface mining destroys natural habitats; burning coal releases large quantities of toxins into the air, increasing air pollution […]

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8th October 2020 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Adnan Muminović

Chevening Scholar

When things appear too good to be true, they usually are. Except for when they are not…

About a year ago, I decided to quit my job in Sarajevo and move to London in order to pursue my second master’s in something called Psychology of Economic Life. Inevitably, as part of that decision, several others had to be made as well. Those included, but were not limited to, the decision to trade […]

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25th July 2020

Miriam Escofet

Painting Her Majesty

Miriam Escofet with her portrait of HM The Queen

Image ©Aliona Adrianova During my first meeting with Foreign Office Permanent Under-Secretary Sir Simon McDonald in March 2019, when we discussed ideas for the portrait of The Queen that he wanted to commission, I was delighted to hear that he wanted it to feel intimate. He wanted to express Her Majesty’s humanity, rather than creating […]

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11th July 2019 London, UK

Peter Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Diplomacy has never been more relevant. Here’s why

Last year was the deadliest year on record for journalists. UNESCO records suggest that at least 99 journalists were killed, 348 imprisoned and 60 held hostage. That is why, this week, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has jointly hosted with the Canadian government a major international conference in London, putting media freedom at the forefront […]

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4th April 2019 Stockholm, Sweden

Judith Gough

by Judith Gough

British Ambassador to Sweden

NATO at 70: The Alliance stands with Ukraine

Today marks the 70th Anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The Alliance was founded in the aftermath of the Second World War by a group of European and North American countries, united by their desire to create a lasting peace in Europe. Much has changed in the world since 1949. Security threats are more diverse […]

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15th November 2018 Stockholm, Sweden

Judith Gough

by Judith Gough

British Ambassador to Sweden

Frontline diplomacy: our woman in Ukraine

Historically Ukraine has been described as a borderland – to the East, this has meant the country on the edge of the Russian Empire, and to the West, this has often meant the country on the periphery of Europe. But in the 21st century, Ukraine is a sovereign country at the very heart of a […]

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15th March 2018 Stockholm, Sweden

Judith Gough

by Judith Gough

British Ambassador to Sweden

Update on UK response to the Salisbury Incident

On Monday the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, addressed Parliament on the latest information from the investigation of the poisoning of Mr Skripal and his daughter on 4th March. She said that they were poisoned with Novichok: a military grade nerve agent developed by Russia. And that based on Russia’s capability, combined with their record […]

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9th August 2017 Toronto, Canada

Kat Bodkin

by Kat Bodkin

Head of Science, Innovation & Policy

Collaboration key to future of energy storage

Renewable energy has been around for decades, yet solar and wind power hasn’t really taken off as main energy sources. This is in part because when it isn’t sunny or windy, we haven’t found a great way to store the energy for future use. In order to keep up with emerging clean forms of energy […]

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7th August 2017

Edward Ferguson

by Edward Ferguson

British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Holidaying in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Normally, we go back to the UK for a few weeks during the summer, to catch up with family and friends.  But this will be our last full summer in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as I’m due to leave in August next year.  So this year, we decided to spend some time discovering some new parts […]

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