22nd June 2012 Islamabad, Pakistan

I am proud to represent Pakistan as an Olympic torch bearer

International Inspiration is part of the UK’s legacy programme, and has helped transform millions of lives around the world through the power of sport. On 28 June, 20 International Inspiration leaders, representing the 20 countries where International Inspiration has delivered its projects, will carry the Olympic Torch in Nottingham. Zainab Imran is selected as a torch bearer from Pakistan. We invited 16-year old Zainab to write as a guest blogger as she leaves for the Olympic Torch Relay in the UK.

Hello, I am Zainab Imran, selected to represent Pakistan at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as a torch bearer. I am a student at the ETN High School Malir, Karachi, for the last 12 years. My father is Mohammad Imran Sheikh, a banker and a perfect guardian to me; and my mother is Amna Imran Sheikh, and a perfect friend to me. I have two younger brothers too.

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.”  I began to believe in this since I got involved in the International Inspiration programme run by the British council. Last year I was selected as a volunteer for UK School Games but due to certain reasons I missed that – and now I am selected to be a torch bearer, the only torch bearer from all over Pakistan! The UK School Games was a small opportunity and this is a great enterprise! I am very glad to be selected for this event – this mega event, the London 2012 Games!

My journey to London 2012 starts from my school where I was the school netball team captain for more than 2 years. I also attended several sports workshops for netball, badminton and basketball etc.

 “Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful.”  I started my voluntary work in institutes like the SIUT Pakistan and our school’s own community service organization, Helping Hands. I did community services under an online project like plantation and beach cleaning, participated in competitions like the Dawn Spelling Bee twice in 2006 and 2008, and in the Math Olympiad in 2012 etc. The main journey to this mega event began when I joined the British Council’s activities, including International Inspiration programme and attended their Young Sports Leadership Training programme.  I went through a long term process to meet this selection criterion.  Firstly I filled out a questionnaire, then had an interview, and then was finally selected for this mega event, which is held in collaboration with International Inspiration programme.  The International Inspiration uses the power of sport to enrich the lives of millions of children and young people of all abilities, in schools and communities across the world, particularly in developing countries, through the power of high quality and inclusive physical education, sport and play.

I am so excited to be a part of the London 2012 Games, counting days to be there in London, a place I have never visited before. I feel proud to represent Pakistan as well as my school as an Olympic torch bearer. I would really like to thank my sports coordinator and my teachers from the bottom of my heart as without their worthy facilitation and leadership I wouldn’t have become the person who I am right now. It is their timely guidance, support, and motivation, which has polished not only my sportsman spirit and language skills but above all, my volunteer skills.

Zainab Imran recently took part in celebrating 100 days to go to the London 2012 Games at the British High Commission in Islamabad. She led the Olympic bound Pakistan Hockey Team and former Pakistani Olympic champions on to the field before an exhibition hockey match.

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  1. hey zainabbbbb do you remember mee at the workshop at nasra…i was selected as the young leaderrr…???
    realllyy glad to heard abt uuhh!!!

    1. Hey Zainab I was also there In the work shop.. Loved to hear about u.. Love ur efforts keep urself growing up 🙂

  2. Great Zaineb i was working with your father in HBL i hope your father will be really happy to see u achieving all this.

  3. but I want to say that 80% of Pakistani youth belongs to the middle or lower middle class, and they want to serve Pakistan, but they do not get any opportunity to do so… and through this platform I want to have you people’s comment……that what we, youth of Pakistan, can do to bring that youth in the mainstream… so that, they could also serve Pakistan like zainab…….

  4. and you are lucky for having such an opportunity…. wish you best of luck…. and we Pakistanis are proud of you dear…..

    1. hi farrukh …sorry for replying you so late…….it was such a nice experience to meet you and all in Pakistan High Comission……hope to stay in touch do joinm page on facebook so we can keep in touch..

  5. Zainab, you are lucky, Congratulations to you .
    The UK is introducing you to the world, how cool is that? If you Work to increase the prestige of Great Britain in Pakistan ?

  6. how would i represent my nation………i also want to take part is olyampic in any game ……..ushair khan from pakistan

    1. ushair, its really really good to know that you want to represent Pakistan on the international level…. That is what infact, I want to do…… But the best procedure to be followed is to get yourself registered with some organisation first… they will guide you in a better way…. and you will be able to serve your country……… and best of luck for your plans…….

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