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17th February 2014 Islamabad, Pakistan

Philip Barton

by Philip Barton

British High Commissioner to Pakistan

My first impressions of Pakistan

Let me start by saying that I am honoured and proud to have been appointed as the British High Commissioner to Pakistan. I believe I have got one of the best jobs in the British Diplomatic Service. The country is also close to my heart. I have some very old connections with Pakistan. My grandfather […]

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28th February 2013 Islamabad, Pakistan

Exploring Faisalabad

Now, I’m not one who normally gets passionate about sport.  I could have been certain that my first blog from Pakistan, where I recently arrived as the High Commission’s new Press Attaché, would not have been about sport.  But, I am surprisingly doing just that. When I think of sport in Pakistan, cricket comes into […]

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22nd November 2012 Islamabad, Pakistan


Written by an avid cricket fan and guest blogger from the British High Commission in Islamabad: A green cricketing outfield under a clear blue sky, the sound of leather on willow on warm sunny afternoon with a majestic church spire as a backdrop; this can only be a scene from my youthful cricketing days turning out for Wimbledon […]

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16th November 2012 London, UK

Katherine Fox

by Katherine Fox

Head of Strategic Communications for Pakistan

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her”

It was my embarrassment and a Pakistani journalist’s passion for the English Lake District that got me there. I was dressed head to toe in waterproofs, having climbed 500m, and the rain was turning to hail and sleet. The crags in the peaks behind me were being smoothed out by the first snowfalls. In the distance England’s largest […]

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25th September 2012 London, UK

Katherine Fox

by Katherine Fox

Head of Strategic Communications for Pakistan

Made in Pakistan: exporting the right image

Brand new bed linen from one of the department stores for which London’s Oxford Street is famous.  Unwrapping the layers of packaging I noticed the label: made in Pakistan.  I wondered if it had come from the factory whose owner I had met in Lahore, where we discussed everything from electricity shortages, to labour law […]

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9th August 2012 Islamabad, Pakistan

Helen Chorlton

by Helen Chorlton

Head of Communications, British High Commission in Islamabad

Summer Holidays in northern Pakistan; a far-flung cry from my childhood holidays in North Wales …

When visiting my regular family summer holiday spot in North Wales each year as a child, it was unimaginable that one day I would be taking my first (and hopefully not my last) summer holiday in the Baltistan region of Pakistan. Since arriving on my diplomatic posting to Pakistan earlier this year at the British […]

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22nd June 2012 Islamabad, Pakistan

I am proud to represent Pakistan as an Olympic torch bearer

International Inspiration is part of the UK’s legacy programme, and has helped transform millions of lives around the world through the power of sport. On 28 June, 20 International Inspiration leaders, representing the 20 countries where International Inspiration has delivered its projects, will carry the Olympic Torch in Nottingham. Zainab Imran is selected as a […]

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30th May 2012 Islamabad, Pakistan

Alison Blake

by Alison Blake

British Deputy High Commissioner to Pakistan

Lahore: Vibrant, changing and modern

It is 6.30 am Saturday morning in Lahore, the room service waiter points at the TV news and says “that’s you”. I agree that it is, as footage plays of a meeting I had the day before with Nawaz Sharif, PML-N political leader and twice former Prime Minister of Pakistan, and, Shabaz Sharif, his brother […]

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28th May 2012 London, UK

Katherine Fox

by Katherine Fox

Head of Strategic Communications for Pakistan

When two Prime Ministers met: an insider’s view

You’ve seen the photographs of the Prime Ministers outside the door of Number 10 Downing Street.  But after the politicians and cameras have left, what does it add up to? I’m one of the behind-the-scenes people in London and Islamabad.  You won’t see any of us in the photos, but we’re the ones who made […]

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24th May 2012 Islamabad, Pakistan

Susan Hyland

by Susan Hyland

Political Counsellor, British High Commission, Pakistan

“We don’t have mango trees…”

On Saturday I was invited to the little village of Bhallah in the Punjab for the opening of a new road.  I had never heard of Bhallah before, but it’s a village with lots of links to the UK. Councillor Mohammad Bhatti, MBE, comes from Bhallah.  He moved to the UK in his 20s.  He […]

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