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19th June 2018 New Delhi, India

Shaarad Sharma

Shaarad Sharma is a Senior Manager in the Royal Academy of Engineering’s International team. He oversees the design and delivery of the Academy’s activities under the Newton Fund – a UK Government programme to build linkages and capabilities in science, innovation and R&D with 18 ‘emerging power’ countries which promote economic development and social wellbeing.

Engineering Innovation thrives on the ‘Living Bridge’

At its essence engineering is about making ‘things’ that work and making ‘things’ work better. From farming to sanitation and healthcare to infrastructure, engineering has led to advances in technology which have saved and improved the lives of – and unlocked opportunities for – billions of people around the world. However, such breakthroughs don’t happen […]

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26th March 2018 Kolkata, India

Bruce Bucknell

by Bruce Bucknell

Former British Deputy High Commissioner Kolkata

Baked earth

The pile of bricks was sitting just outside the entrance to the site. The humble brick has been used for the construction of buildings for longer than recorded history. The myth of a ‘mother earth’ or ‘earth goddess’ is as old. Many ancient civilisations worshiped a female deity who represented the fertility of the soil. […]

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16th June 2017 Beirut, Lebanon

Hugo Shorter

by Hugo Shorter

British Ambassador to Lebanon

The Terrorists Won’t Win: What Does This Mean?

After each terrorist attack, we repeat to ourselves the reassuring mantra that the terrorists won’t win, and they won’t. But on one level, the mantra can sound empty. Terrorists will, sadly, continue to kill and spread fear across many regions of the world. The recent attacks and harrowing experiences of Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge […]

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23rd April 2017 Holy See

Stephen Townsend

Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy to the Holy See

St George’s Day: 23 April

©Martin Beek, all rights reserved

How did St George become the Patron Saint of England? He never visited the country, and his most famous exploit is a myth.  Yet, despite that St George has become of the more popular saints, and is patron of Portugal, Malta and Georgia as well as England. Not much definite is known about St George. […]

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13th March 2017 Holy See

Stephen Townsend

Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy to the Holy See

The Commonwealth and the Holy See

The Commonwealth and the Holy See represent the two largest soft power networks in the world.  The Holy See has over 1.2 billion faithful globally, and a network of Bishops, NGOs and religious congregations which reach deep into the societies of the countries where they live.  The Commonwealth is made up of 52 countries with […]

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1st February 2017 Holy See

Stephen Townsend

Deputy Head of Mission

Ecumenism in Music

Last week saw the visit of the choir of Westminster Abbey, for a joint concert with the Sistine Chapel Choir.  This was a wonderful concert, with the two choirs combining to fill the Basilica of St John Lateran with music from both the Catholic and Anglican traditions:  pieces by Giovanni Palestrina showcased the  Catholic style, […]

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21st November 2016 Mogadishu, Somalia

Adrian Strong

Criminal Justice Advisor

UK support to Somalia’s Justice System’ – governance and Rule of Law go beyond the justice programmes

Good governance, economic development and security forces that maintain order without repression are among the fundamental building blocks of a stable, peaceful democracy. But it’s the rule of law, and by extension, competent, capable and independent justice systems, that are the mortar holding it all together. The UK is driving a number of key justice […]

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26th October 2016 Delhi, India

Tamil Selvan Chandru

by Tamil Selvan Chandru

Senior Adviser - Newton Fund India

Start-up recipe of success and the role of leadership

One of the commonly used buzz word today is ‘ecosystem’ especially when it comes to Technology Business Incubator (TBI) and start ups. So to find out more I spoke with Karthik Durgaprasad, who works in South East England for local government. Karthik has over ten years plus experience of delivering start-up programmes in London for […]

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20th October 2016 Holy See

Sally Axworthy

by Sally Axworthy

Ambassador to the Holy See

Can freedom of religion help counter violent extremism?

I am back in London this week with the Holy See’s Monsignor Antoine Camilleri for the Foreign Office’s conference on how freedom of religion and belief can help counter violent extremism. The discussion has been persuasive. I was particularly struck by the following points. US Ambassador Saperstein argued that you cannot have stability without religious […]

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26th July 2016 New Delhi, India

Rita Sharma

by Rita Sharma

Head of Newton Fund in India

Newton Fund spearheading UK’s science and innovation partnership with India

Last month I was at the 5th UK-India Science and Innovation Council meeting in London where the UK’s Minister for Science and Universities Jo Johnson welcomed his counterpart from India Dr Harsh Vardhan to jointly assess the collaborations between the two countries in the areas of science and innovation. Both the ministers met at the […]

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