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19th August 2015 Madrid, Spain

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by Daniel Pruce

British Ambassador to the Philippines and to Palau

What’s it like working in a British Embassy?

Spain receives the largest number of UK visitors anywhere in the world, by a long shot: around 15m last year. We have around 300,000 British nationals registered as living here permanently. And we work closely with Spain on a whole host of important bilateral and global issues. We are a great example of dynamic diplomacy […]

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31st January 2014 Washington DC, USA

James Barbour

by James Barbour

Press Secretary and Head of Communications

A whole new world

The following is a guest post by Dean Churm, British Consul and Consular Regional Operations Manager for the eastern and southern United States. The British Vice-Consulate in Orlando first opened its doors in 1994 following the growth in charter holiday packages to the Disney area (or the House of the Mouse as it is sometimes known locally). Over […]

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31st July 2013

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by Jonathan Allen

Former Ambassador to Bulgaria

A thorny case for Sherlock Holmes

On the first day of August for the last 45 years, the British Consulate General in Chicago has received six red roses from an anonymous sender. The bouquet’s accompanying card always carries the same message – not one of unrequited love, but rather a moving tribute to the six British infantry regiments that helped defeat […]

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26th July 2013 New York, USA

by Nick Astbury

Deputy Consul-General and Deputy Head of Mission, New York

The lasting Olympic impression

Exactly a year ago tomorrow, I sat down with my twelve-year-old son in the Olympic Stadium to watch the Opening Ceremony. Extra tickets had become available about a month or so beforehand – they weren’t cheap, but as a Londoner the chance to be there was too good to miss. We’d got there early, long […]

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8th February 2013 New York, USA

Charles Arrowsmith

by Charles Arrowsmith

Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Consul-General

Super-Duper Bowl

My first Super Bowl experience was transcribing the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s half-time show in 2009 for Sky Sports’ subtitled output back in the UK. This, fortunately, required zero knowledge of how (American) football works – and played to my eternal love of The Boss. Since I moved to the […]

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29th November 2012 New York, USA

Charles Arrowsmith

by Charles Arrowsmith

Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Consul-General

New York State of Mo

Moustaches have been a staple of British male identity for centuries. They can be comic (Basil Fawlty, Borat), serious (any of Daniel Day-Lewis’s efforts), musical (Freddie Mercury leaps enthusiastically to mind), even political (one thinks of Harold Macmillan’s full-bodied triumph). Handlebar, pencil, horseshoe, toothbrush… such variety of facial topiary means there’s something for everyone. Approval […]

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12th September 2012 New York, USA

Applications open for UKTI’s Digital Mission to NYC 2012

The UK’s most innovative digital companies considering expanding to the US market can apply for UKTI’s Digital Mission to NYC 2012 through http://digitalmission2012.eventbrite.com. The delegation will visit New York from 25-30 November, working with experts to develop their company’s international business strategy. UKTI’s Digital Mission offers a unique insight into the digital community in New […]

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5th July 2012 New York, USA

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by Danny Lopez

British Consul-General, New York

Airbus Crosses the Atlantic

On Monday, I had the fantastic experience of landing an Airbus 320 in London.  Well, simulating one at least, from inside a Thales full-flight simulator of an A320 at Airbus’ Miami training centre.  The flight might have been virtual, but the sweat on my brow was real, and I was definitely at my most focused. […]

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