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8th March 2012

Romania, country of choice for British investors

Today I opened the new service centre of Stanleybet, one of the most established British investors in Romania and one that is now expanding its operations here.

Stanleybet has chosen Romania from the eight countries in which it operates as the location for its service centre, dealing with customers in Italy, Germany and Cyprus. Why? The reason is human capital. Romania can offer excellent customer service personnel, fluent in languages like Italian, German and Greek as well as English and skilled in responding to customers across Europe.

British Ambassador Martin Harris and Stanleybet CEO
British Ambassador Martin Harris attended the opening of a new Stanleybet centre in Romania. The Ambassador cut the ribbon together with Stanleybet CEO.

The staff I met during my visit impressed me, not only with their language skills, but also with their understanding of their business and the quality of their interaction with the staff from Stanleybet’s network of shops.

The combination of Romania’s human capital with the financial technology of British investors like Stanleybet is a powerful and profitable one, to the benefit of both countries.

3 comments on “Romania, country of choice for British investors

  1. It is nice to see that big firms are turning their face to middle Europe. High qualified people are working here and they are keen on showing their expertise in IT field. It is a good investment for the future because other countries will see the value of our IT specialists.

  2. I am so glad to read about investments in Romania. We really need Europe’s attention and focus. Hope to see other companies following Stanleybet moves.

  3. It is heartening to see that Stanleybet are making this sort of investment.

    From experience in the IT industry it is clear that countries in the region are crying out for the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial flair. It takes time for a vibrant enterprise minded middle class to fully emerge and investments like this are key to the process.

    We found that the well educated graduates in the emerging middle Europe were keen to get access to business training and ideas. They also need the seed capital to start and that flows when businesses like Stanleybet and others step in and create opportunities.

    Hopefully and being honestly self interested these investments also create opportunities for businesses like mine which coach and mentor in business problem solving. We need businesses with growth potential in the first place or else we have nothing to work with.

    The Chevening Network in Romania is active and a clear asset for the country. Next target is Romania in the Rugby 6 / 7 Nations and getting a winning bet on with Stanleybet at Cheltenham!!

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I am the Minister and Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Moscow. In my last job I was the Ambassador at the British Embassy in Bucharest. Previously I…

I am the Minister and Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy
in Moscow. In my last job I was the Ambassador at the British Embassy in
Bucharest. Previously I have served at the British Embassies in Kyiv
and Moscow as well as at the UK Delegation to the OSCE in Vienna.
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