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13th August 2015 Toronto, Canada

DementiaHack2015: Solving the challenges of living with dementia

Few people underestimate the scale of the challenge presented by dementia. The latest numbers are so large and terrifying that they start to lose meaning: 44 million people living with dementia worldwide, double this amount by 2030; a societal cost of £26 billion in England, treble this by 2030; 25 % of hospital beds in […]

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21st May 2015 Toronto, Canada

by Fern Horine

Deputy British Consul General to Toronto and Director Trade for UKTI Canada

Did you see The Imitation Game?

If you didn’t, I’d thoroughly recommend it. It’s a dramatisation of Alan Turing and others’ work, capturing the herculean task that the code breakers of Bletchley Park undertook to help our war effort. Historians estimate that the code breakers shortened the war by two years and saved thousands of lives…

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13th February 2015 Toronto, Canada

DementiaHack 2014: Video recap

DementiaHack, the world’s first dementia-themed hackathon, took place in September 2014 in partnership with HackerNest. If you don’t have four hours to watch the raw video from the event then here are two- and ten-minute recaps: Look out for a guest post from hackathon winners CareUmbrella in the next few weeks. We also hope to […]

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26th January 2015 Toronto, Canada

Meet our Bloggers: John Preece

Every week one of our bloggers will introduce themselves to the world and talk about how much fun it is working in Science Policy. We start with John Preece in Toronto and next week the team’s only non-scientist, Ashley Tomlins in Vancouver, will introduce himself. John Preece – Toronto I’m a chemist by training, completing […]

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8th October 2014 Toronto, Canada

International Astronautical Congress 2014

The Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute hosted the 65th International Astronautical Congress 2014 last week, packing thousands of attendees into the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for one of the world’s premier space events. The UK was very well-represented, with the UK Space Agency staking out a large booth on the exhibition floor and almost 100 […]

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12th September 2013 Ottawa, Canada

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by Corin Robertson

Deputy High Commissioner to Canada

TIFF-erific: the UK takes TIFF 2013 by storm

I was in Toronto earlier this week for the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s a time of year when Toronto truly shines – there’s a buzz in the air, and the streets are littered with dark-windowed SUVs ferrying their precious cargo (or, as they are known in the trade “the Talent”) from premiere to press conference and back again…

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