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21st June 2013 Houston, USA

Andrew Millar

by Andrew Millar

British Consul General, Houston, Texas

UK-US connections brewed in Texas

Texas, an exceptional state within an exceptional nation. Big cars, huge helpings and a pile ‘em high consumer mentality fits a stereotype. But it is changing; there is a fast-growing foodie movement challenging the norm and showing that Texans are increasingly choosy about what they consume. Beer, as a metaphor for societal change, may seem […]

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3rd April 2013 Washington DC, USA

Africa, Texas

It is a warm morning, and I’m standing in a crowd of Africans. Many of the women are in brightly coloured dresses; the men sport a variety of styles of headdress. A minibus pulls up and we squeeze more of us on-board than I thought possible. As we’re about to shut the door someone leans […]

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11th February 2013 Houston, USA

Avatar photo

by Lauren George

Science and Innovation Officer

‘Spidey Silk’ – Spider-Man would be jealous!

When I read that scientists had created a real life “Spidey Silk”, I was curious to say the least. The new material was named that because it is both incredibly strong and equally flexible – just like the webs that Spider-Man shoots from his wrists. It sounds revolutionary in itself, but when you really understand […]

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20th November 2012 Washington DC, USA

by Peter Westmacott

Former Ambassador to the United States of America

Austin Triumphs with Formula One

There is always a bit of uncertainty, even apprehension, when you embark on a big new adventure. So it was a real pleasure to witness on Sunday the great success, under a cloudless sky, that was Austin’s first ever Formula One Grand Prix motor race. A brand new racetrack, with a design which had rave […]

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12th October 2012 Washington DC, USA

Rosalind Campion portrait

by Rosalind Campion

Counsellor for Global Issues

Debate fever sweeps the country

At the last UK election, we borrowed from a US campaign staple and televised debates between the candidates for Prime Minister for the first time. And they generated a good amount of interest and engagement. But the excitement absolutely pales in comparison to what I experienced across the US following the first Obama/Romney Presidential debate […]

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26th July 2012 Washington DC, USA

by Jessica Jennings

Head of Strategic Communications

Moves Like Lightning!

I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks of the movie Top Gun when they hear about “fighter jets.” So when we learned that the UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond was coming to the United States to officially accept the UK’s first of the next-generation stealth combat aircraft, I had a hard time not […]

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12th March 2012 Washington DC, USA

by Scott Nolan Smith

Head of Digital Diplomacy

Keep calm and innovate!

Today’s fast moving, ever-changing digital landscape has altered many things about how we work, live and do business. But some constants remain – entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity are still king. This year’s South By Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) festival exemplified just that – and showed that Britain is certainly towards the front of the pack! From […]

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27th February 2012 Washington DC, USA

Hetty Crist

by Hetty Crist

Deputy Press Secretary

UK-Texas ties run deep

The following is a guest post by Andrew Millar, British Consul-General in Houston, Texas. It has been an exciting few days for us here in Texas. We had the honour of hosting Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and Sir Peter Westmacott, the UK Ambassador in Washington. As the Consul General in Houston, and thus […]

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