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16th July 2019 King Charles Street, London

Professor Graham Ball

Chief Scientific Officer at Intelligent OMICS Ltd.

Omic Studies : The Future of Medicine

Professor Graham Ball holds a chair in Bioinformatics at Nottingham Trent University and is Chief Scientific Officer at Intelligent OMICS Ltd, a company specialising in providing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to molecular biomedical problems. He has developed Insilico methods for the analysis of omics data, facilitating the discovery of diagnostic biomarkers, the modelling […]

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13th February 2015 Toronto, Canada

DementiaHack 2014: Video recap

DementiaHack, the world’s first dementia-themed hackathon, took place in September 2014 in partnership with HackerNest. If you don’t have four hours to watch the raw video from the event then here are two- and ten-minute recaps: Look out for a guest post from hackathon winners CareUmbrella in the next few weeks. We also hope to […]

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4th September 2014

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by Paul Johnston

Ambassador to Ireland

IT Startup communities in Stockholm and London: Never Mind the Gap

Last November I was in London with the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel. They visited Cambridge University, an inner-city London school, the Google Campus and Tech City in East London. It was the latter visits which inspired my Swedish counterpart in London and me to think about a follow-up event focusing on how the flourishing […]

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14th July 2014 Washington DC, USA

by James Illingworth

Military Attached and Head of the British Army Staff – United States

Testing new technologies for the battlefield

The following is a guest post from Captain Graham Henderson, Plans Staff Officer within the Headquarters of the UK’s 1st Mechanized Brigade who participated in the Network Integration Evaluation (NIE). Heavy wind gusts and unforgiving terrain set ideal conditions for testing new equipment in a joint exercise known as the NIE. The Network Integration Evaluation […]

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19th June 2014 Washington DC, USA

The next step forward

When Google unveiled its latest prototype of a self-driving car in May, it marked a new stage in the relationship between humans and autonomous vehicles in a very public way. But it is just one visible piece of the technical progress in areas such as autonomous systems, advanced manufacturing, and in the thinking on how […]

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27th May 2014 Washington DC, USA

Maeve Atkins

by Maeve Atkins

Communications Officer

EU Day: Invitation Received

A nice aspect of my job is that I rarely find myself at the Embassy on a weekend, but earlier this month I happened to spend the better part of a Saturday volunteering my time. It was a special occasion: on 10 May, EU embassies throughout Washington opened their doors for the EU’s Annual Open […]

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