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8th October 2020 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Adnan Muminović

Chevening Scholar

When things appear too good to be true, they usually are. Except for when they are not…

About a year ago, I decided to quit my job in Sarajevo and move to London in order to pursue my second master’s in something called Psychology of Economic Life. Inevitably, as part of that decision, several others had to be made as well. Those included, but were not limited to, the decision to trade […]

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7th September 2017 Abuja, Nigeria

Jibikeoluwa Faborode

Chevening Programme Officer

Chevening in Nigeria – A Programme Officer’s Perspective

I took up the Chevening portfolio in September 2015, a decision I have never regretted making. My passion for Chevening is so intense; I’m often asked if I’m an alumnus. Saddled with the task of administering and promoting this programme year-round in Nigeria, I find myself selling an opportunity that I know is absolutely priceless […]

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10th August 2017

Edward Ferguson

by Edward Ferguson

British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Would you like to study in the UK?

Have you heard about Chevening?  It’s the UK’s world-beating scholarship programme for international students.  It allows you to study for a Masters degree of your choice at any university in the UK.  You do the work, and we cover the costs, including your tuition fees and travel costs.  We even pay for your living expenses! […]

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15th August 2014 Skopje, North Macedonia

Join our Chevening network, study in the UK!

Some of you that are reading this blog post might be young professionals, public servants, leading or working in civil society organisations, enthusiasts about business and innovation, or maybe you see yourselves as future leaders in Macedonia? You might also be thinking about spending a year abroad, developing your skills in a quality international environment. […]

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13th July 2014

Greg Dorey

by Greg Dorey



This week I hosted former Ethiopian scholars at the British Residence to mark the 30th Anniversary of the #British Government’s flagship #Chevening Scholarship programme. The Chevening Scholarships are the #UK government’s global scholarship programme, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (#FCO) and partner organisations. The programme targets outstanding scholars with leadership potential from around […]

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11th April 2013

Paul Madden

by Paul Madden

British Ambassador to Japan

Four more indigenous scholars head to Cambridge and Oxford

There are few things more important than education. Our Chevening scholarships benefit the individuals who come to the UK to study, the communities from which they come, and the societies to which they return, often to play future leadership roles. So it was a great pleasure to be sending four more young indigenous Australians off […]

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11th March 2013 Toronto, Canada

11 March 2013: Commonwealth Day

The second Monday in March is Commonwealth Day, a celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations and a brief reminder of why it’s one of the nicest intergovernmental clubs to belong to. Opportunity through Enterprise is the Commonwealth theme for 2013, an apt choice given the ongoing financial turmoil in wealthy nations and the continuing rise […]

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26th November 2012 Atlanta, USA

Annabelle Malins

by Annabelle Malins

Her Majesty’s Consul General, Atlanta

America’s Got Talent

This is the time of year when the winners of two of the most prestigious scholarship awards in the US are announced: the Rhodes scholars and the Marshall scholars. The young Americans named on those lists will next year launch into an experience which will shape their life paths: one to three years of fully […]

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30th August 2011 New York, USA

It’s that time of year again for Marshall Scholarships

Guest blog by Ann Reinking, Media and Public Affairs Coordinator. Planning the federal budget for President Obama. Directing and writing the Hollywood film The Adjustment Bureau. Co-founding the professional social networking site Linked-In. These are just a few examples of the impressive achievements of Marshall Scholarship recipients. The Marshall Scholarship provides American students with the exciting […]

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