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31st January 2014 Washington DC, USA

James Barbour

by James Barbour

Press Secretary and Head of Communications

A whole new world

The following is a guest post by Dean Churm, British Consul and Consular Regional Operations Manager for the eastern and southern United States. The British Vice-Consulate in Orlando first opened its doors in 1994 following the growth in charter holiday packages to the Disney area (or the House of the Mouse as it is sometimes known locally). Over […]

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4th September 2013 USA

Security on the seas

I have less than one year before my next diplomatic posting (wherever that may be) but before I go, intend to write a monthly blog about the UK-Florida relationship. I’ll share some of the insights I’ve gained during my three and half years service here so far.

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30th April 2013 Washington DC, USA

Hetty Crist

by Hetty Crist

Deputy Press Secretary

Bienvenido a Miami!

Welcome to Miami! There aren’t many other US cities I could see myself living in. I was fortunate to land my job here in DC, New York would have been great – in my twenties, Chicago and Boston are too cold for me and although I love the West Coast, it feels very far from […]

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5th July 2012 New York, USA

Avatar photo

by Danny Lopez

British Consul-General, New York

Airbus Crosses the Atlantic

On Monday, I had the fantastic experience of landing an Airbus 320 in London.  Well, simulating one at least, from inside a Thales full-flight simulator of an A320 at Airbus’ Miami training centre.  The flight might have been virtual, but the sweat on my brow was real, and I was definitely at my most focused. […]

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25th May 2012 Washington DC, USA

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by Eric Hepburn

HM Consul General and Counsellor for Corporate Services

Our man in Florida

I guess everyone has a mental image of a place, born from reading books or watching films and TV. So when I travelled to Miami to meet up with the British Consul General, Kevin McGurgan, and his remarkable team, the tropical storm that greeted the plane when it tried to land the first time took […]

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