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19th June 2018 New Delhi, India

Shaarad Sharma

Shaarad Sharma is a Senior Manager in the Royal Academy of Engineering’s International team. He oversees the design and delivery of the Academy’s activities under the Newton Fund – a UK Government programme to build linkages and capabilities in science, innovation and R&D with 18 ‘emerging power’ countries which promote economic development and social wellbeing.

Engineering Innovation thrives on the ‘Living Bridge’

At its essence engineering is about making ‘things’ that work and making ‘things’ work better. From farming to sanitation and healthcare to infrastructure, engineering has led to advances in technology which have saved and improved the lives of – and unlocked opportunities for – billions of people around the world. However, such breakthroughs don’t happen […]

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9th May 2017 Chennai, India

Cliff Dennett

Head of Business Development, Innovation Birmingham Ltd, UK

Innovation Birmingham

In March, I had the absolute delight of visiting India for the first time in my life and the whole week was an adventure, both personally and commercially. Experiencing the Indian way of life, the hospitality and incredible proactivity to doing business were all eye-opening, as was the traffic! I help run Innovation Birmingham, the […]

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22nd November 2016 Bangalore, India

Dr Ruth McKernan CBE

Chief Executive, Innovate UK

Connected cities – seeking new opportunities for global partnership

I arrived in India after an exciting few days at the Innovate 2016 event in Manchester, co-hosted by Innovate UK and the Department for International Trade. Cities of the future were an important theme of the event, showcasing UK innovation. Panel sessions and presentations covered topics ranging from urban living to autonomous transport, and digital […]

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13th October 2016 Bangalore, India

Sunil Kumar M

by Sunil Kumar

Senior Science & Innovation Adviser

Age of the robots?

Some say we are in or entering the age of the robots. Why? Because robots are transforming the way we work and live – from manufacturing to farming, space exploration to surgical operations, cleaning our homes to entertaining us. The UK has a rich and colourful story in producing and shaping robotic technologies. The Eric, […]

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1st August 2016 Bangalore, India

Arika Ahluwalia

Science and Innovation Administrator

AMR: New seed funding to help teams enter the Longitude Prize

On 25 July I attended a workshop and ideathon on the Longitude Prize and Discovery Awards at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms(C-CAMP), Bangalore . The Discovery Awards are a new seed fund to help teams progress ideas for a transformative diagnostic test that will help combat Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) by significantly reducing inappropriate use […]

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13th August 2015 Toronto, Canada

DementiaHack2015: Solving the challenges of living with dementia

Few people underestimate the scale of the challenge presented by dementia. The latest numbers are so large and terrifying that they start to lose meaning: 44 million people living with dementia worldwide, double this amount by 2030; a societal cost of £26 billion in England, treble this by 2030; 25 % of hospital beds in […]

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11th October 2013 San Francisco, USA

Chris Knowland

by Chris Knowland

Head of Science and Innovation, San Francisco

New UK research gives hope for Alzheimer’s treatments

Scientific research may sometimes be portrayed as a series of breakthroughs, but in fact it is a gradual and labour-intensive process, especially when it comes to developing new drugs. However, this week’s announcement of an exciting result from Leicester University in the UK may well represent a turning point in the fight against degenerative brain […]

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11th January 2013 Warsaw, Poland

Martin Oxley, Head, UKTI Poland

by Martin Oxley

Director of UKTI Warsaw

2013 Business is GREAT!

If you believe a number of our banking friends, 2013 is going to be an even better year than 2012 in Emerging Europe. Set right at the heart of Europe, Poland is set to have a robust year even if we do not have the dazzling growth figures which we have seen whole the world […]

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