Martin Oxley, Head, UKTI Poland

Martin Oxley

Director of UKTI Warsaw

Part of UK in Poland

11th January 2013 Warsaw, Poland

2013 Business is GREAT!

If you believe a number of our banking friends, 2013 is going to be an even better year than 2012 in Emerging Europe. Set right at the heart of Europe, Poland is set to have a robust year even if we do not have the dazzling growth figures which we have seen whole the world has languished in the aftermath of 2008.

My view for what it’s worth – not quite as fast as last year but this country is still a must on UK companies’ business development agendas.


There are huge opportunities out here and even if we slow down a little this year it’s a bit like a racecar going down into 4th to navigate a difficult corner and then we will be back up to 6th with turbo boost over the next 10 years. So if you are a British mid-size manufacturing company or a high potential SME setting off on your export journey into this region Poland is the right place to be.

I have to say the year is getting off to a great start – we are poised to see more British healthcare over here with BUPA entering this exciting healthcare market via its engagement with Luxmed, one of the country’s leading healthcare providers – this space will get very exciting over the next couple of years. Energy is going to be very dynamic; great to see that a UK led consortium has recently won a bid to build Europe’s largest coal fired power station in Poland. There’s also going to be lot’s of action on nuclear, shale and renewables as Poland broadens its energy mix. We are great at energy – we’ve created a new UKTI Energy Unit – do get in touch. Let’s not forget retail – food and drink and security. A plethora of opportunities.

Ah! I just wanted to let you know that we are going to have the GREATEST push ever this year at getting UK to expand in Poland. We are going to be launching a UK – Export – Polska programme. I will be saying more about this over the coming weeks but in short this is going to be a virtual business development centre fully equipped to get your business moving fast in Poland. Another great feature of this is that we are gearing up to come and find you – just in case you haven’t already decided to put Poland at the top of your regional business development agenda.

We have a superb line up of events coming up in 2013 and we plan to visit all regions of the UK over the course of the year. This year is absolutely the right time for you to export to Poland and the broader region. We’ve got some great plans.


About Martin Oxley

Martin Oxley joins the Embassy team in Warsaw, building on a 15 year business career in Central Europe. An expert in the healthcare and life sciences sector, he has led a…

Martin Oxley joins the Embassy team in Warsaw, building on a 15
year business career in Central Europe. An expert in the healthcare and
life sciences sector, he has led a number of the leading blue chip and
regional pharmaceutical companies in Poland and the broader Central and
Eastern European region.
Most recently he was CEO of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce.
Under his leadership the Chamber grew to be one of the most prominent
international business networking organisations in Poland receiving a
number of awards  for excellence and partnership development.
Martin retains a keen interest in digital media, communications,
cultural relations and enterprise development. He is very enthusiastic
about his new role at the Embassy and honoured to have the opportunity
to play a leading role in championing the development of British
business in Poland.
He is married to Małgorzata and has two children Jaś and Nati.

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