Peter Westmacott

Former Ambassador to the United States of America

Part of UK in USA

13th April 2012 Washington DC, USA

Strengthening Trade for Security and Prosperity

Today the US/UK Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty comes into effect. In a ceremony presided by Rose Gottemoeller, the acting US Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, our two countries finalised an agreement originally signed five years ago to strengthen our mutual security and build our shared prosperity.

Ambassador Westmacott and Acting Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller signing the treaty
Signing the treaty with US Acting Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller.

British and American manufacturers play a central role in our security relationship. US contractors contribute to the backbone of the UK’s military strength, including support for UK Chinook helicopters in Afghanistan. UK capabilities like Storm Shadow cruise and Brimstone anti-tank missiles, which have proved themselves in action in Libya and Afghanistan, could be a part of the next generation of both British and American military technology.

The new Treaty ensures that Britain and America can share our world-class defence capabilities more efficiently and more effectively. It speeds delivery of equipment to the front line, reduces hurdles for exporting technologies destined for US or UK government use, and simplifies the process for UK firms to bid for US defence contracts.

The process that brought the Treaty into force reflects the importance of military and trade to the US/UK relationship. It was originally negotiated by President Bush and Prime Minister Blair and then taken through the ratification process by their successors, by the US Congress and by the British Parliament. Senator John Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat, and Senator Richard Lugar, an Indiana Republican, ensured that the necessary provisions were able to pass through Congress. Leaders in the US and UK of all political allegiances came together to ensure that our armed forces can continue to stand shoulder to shoulder around the world.

From the beaches of Normandy to the skies over Libya and the mountains of Helmand, the courage and shared values of our men and women in uniform have spanned generations and forced unbreakable bonds. Today we are putting in place new arrangements to ensure that they have access to the equipment they both deserve and need to continue to make the world a safer place.

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  1. I want at least in spirit to add my signature to the protest against the State Visit to Great Britain of Donald Trump. Trump does not represent American core values and has disgraced the office of the Presidency with implementation of abhorrent discriminatory policies. It is unimaginable that such a person would be treated by Her Majesty and her Majesty’s Government with the dignity reserved of a normal Presidential State Visit. I do hope Parliament can stand up to this man and help persuade Her Majesty and any other member of the Royal family not to dignify this man who is totally unfit to be President of the United States and leader of the Western world.

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About Peter Westmacott

Sir Peter Westmacott, KCMG, LVO was the British Ambassador to the United States from January 2012 to January 2016. He was born in the village of Edington, Somerset in the…

Sir Peter Westmacott, KCMG, LVO was the British Ambassador to the United States from January 2012 to January 2016.

He was born in the village of Edington, Somerset in the South West of
England in December 1950. He was educated at New College Oxford and
joined the Diplomatic Service in 1972.

After a year in the Middle East Department, and Persian language
training, Ambassador Westmacott was posted to Tehran in 1974. In 1978 he
was loaned to the European Commission in Brussels, before being posted
to Paris from 1980 to 1984.
After 3 years as Chief of Staff to successive Ministers of State in
London, he went to Ankara in 1987, for the first of his two diplomatic
postings to Turkey.
From 1990 to 1993, he was Deputy Private Secretary to HRH The Prince of Wales.
From 1993 to 1997, Ambassador Westmacott was Counsellor for Political
and Public Affairs in Washington, before returning to the Foreign and
Commonwealth Office as Director, Americas.
He joined the Board of the FCO in 2000 as Deputy Under Secretary and returned to Ankara as Ambassador in 2002.
In 2007 he moved to Paris where he served as Ambassador to France until the end of 2011.
Peter married Susie Nemazee in 2001. Between them they have four grown children, Oliver, Laura, Rupert and Safieh.