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Greg Dorey


Part of UK in Hungary

19th December 2010

6 shopping days to Christmas, 12 to the Hungarian Presidency

I have spent the last week in cold, wet, snowy London and hope I am not going to be stuck here for too much longer by flight cancellations due to the snow. This is as a result of the huge, current level of interest in Hungary and how it is going to manage its EU Presidency stint.

So all week I have been giving presentations to Whitehall Ministries and in the City; and calling on Ministers, senior officials and companies. They all want to know about the political and economic situation in Hungary; the business environment; personalities; priorities for the Presidency; how to work with Hungarians; and how Hungarians view us in the UK. (Answers on a postcard please….)

Highspot of the week was the chance to attend a bilateral meeting between the two Prime Ministers. Viktor Orban and David Cameron obviously get on extremely well, belonging as they both do to the centre right of the political spectrum in Europe. And although we will not agree on all issues, it is clear that there is much common ground when it comes to promoting jobs and growth; and to many aspects of the EU’s foreign policy agenda.