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19th May 2016

Sian MacLeod

by Sian MacLeod

UK Ambassador to Serbia

Making the Case for Tolerance

This afternoon I will attend a memorial service in the City of London’s Guildhall to celebrate the long, eventful life of Sir Nicholas Winton, who died last year aged 106. As a young man, Sir Nicholas travelled briefly to Prague in 1938 to help a friend facilitating urgent evacuation of refugees from the looming Nazi […]

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19th November 2012 Dublin, Ireland

Robin Barnett

by Robin Barnett

Former Ambassador to Ireland, Dublin

Tolerant: we must be!

Ambassador Robin Barnett with Marta Makowska (bronze medallist in fencing, London 2012 Paralympic Games)

Friday was the International Day of Tolerance. To mark this occasion, we held a party in the Embassy, which also served as the launch event for a fabulous photo exhibition recalling the superb British and Polish performance at the London Paralympics. I underlined how important a role tolerance plays in any civilised society and how […]

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16th March 2012 Beirut, Lebanon

Tom Fletcher

by Tom Fletcher

Former British Ambassador to Lebanon

Reconciliation and coexistence: five ideas for Lebanon from Northern Ireland

Yesterday, I joined an inspirational conference on reconciliation and coexistence, led by interfaith NGO Adyan. It reminded me of the great Margaret Mead line – ‘Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.’ Beirut is of course the […]

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20th July 2011

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by Greg Dorey


An exceptional person

If she had lived, we would be celebrating her 90th birthday today. But sadly Hannah Senesh (born Aniko Szenes) was murdered in 1944. Disturbed by the Hungarian education system’s increasing discrimination on religious grounds, Hannah Senesh decided to emigrate from Budapest to the British Mandate of Palestine at the outset of World War II. She […]

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31st March 2011

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by Greg Dorey


“History” comes to Hungary

I have in my hands Hungary’s newest media product – hot off the press. It’s the high quality, information-packed, inaugural edition of the popular BBC “History” Magazine in Hungarian, which I helped launch at a press conference this morning. Congratulations to the Kossuth Kiado Publishing House for bringing it here. The BBC brand continues to […]

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7th December 2010

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by Greg Dorey


Gift of Life, Tolerance without Boundaries

I am just travelling slowly back to Budapest through driving snow, having spent the afternoon in the West Hungarian city of Győr. I had discussions with the Mayor (recently made Head of the Hungarian Olympic Committee); the Chairman of the County Council; the “Kisalfold” newspaper, a British investment (who also interviewed me for their next […]

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