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Greg Dorey


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31st March 2011

“History” comes to Hungary

I have in my hands Hungary’s newest media product – hot off the press. It’s the high quality, information-packed, inaugural edition of the popular BBC “History” Magazine in Hungarian, which I helped launch at a press conference this morning. Congratulations to the Kossuth Kiado Publishing House for bringing it here. The BBC brand continues to be a byword for professionalism and balance in Hungary. And given the keen interest many Hungarians have in history I feel sure that this will be a great hit. There are plenty of ways in which the study of history is of relevance today – for example, teaching us to understand people, societies and change; helping personal development; advancing tolerance and guarding against posturing nationalism; and of course giving pleasure. As a former history student, I’m biased of course. But I challenge any Hungarian speakers who share my passion to pick up a copy of “History” and not to be immediately fascinated and engaged by the content!