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2nd December 2017 Beirut, Lebanon

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by Hugo Shorter

British Ambassador to Lebanon

Lebanon, The Message

UK Ambassador to Lebanon

This week I was invited to speak at a conference entitled: ‘From the State of Greater Lebanon to Lebanon the Message’ organised by Adyan Foundation. I was asked to share my thoughts about Lebanon; its place in the region; the past and the lessons we can take from it; and together how we can deal […]

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31st July 2013 Beirut, Lebanon

Tom Fletcher

by Tom Fletcher

Former British Ambassador to Lebanon

The Support to Match Their Courage

Tomorrow is Army Day in Lebanon. The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) will parade, and the Lebanese people reflect on the role the military have played in maintaining stability over the past year, and the sacrifices they have made. I’ll join other Ambassadors in admiring the march past as Lebanese political leaders salute the LAF colours, […]

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