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11th December 2015 Montreal, Canada

Consul General Nick Baker

by Nick Baker

Consul General, Montreal

Climate Change Gets Personal

The climate change conference in Paris wrapped up today. Over the past two weeks there has been an array of commitments by governments around the World, including the UK’s, to tackle the climate change phenomenon and reduce the emissions that contribute to it. But what action are we all going to take as individuals?

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11th December 2014 Montreal, Canada

Looking up : Canada and the UK on route to the stars !

I am not taking credits for this wonderful blog – only for my limited driving skills to the Canadian Space Agency and as photographer. This blog was written by my new colleague and blogger Anne Cécile Dequen CG’s assistant and trade associate in Montreal. Conquering space is more valid today than ever. Indeed, space represents a fertile ground to […]

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10th December 2014 Montreal, Canada

Walk the line – but with 700,000 volts

Similar to how the British highway system connects towns and cities across the UK the electric transmission system is responsible for transporting high-voltage electricity from power generating facilities to areas where it is needed. These overhead power lines can carry more than 700,000 volts: yes, you indeed read correctly…more than 700 kV, impressive isn’t it?. […]

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5th November 2014 Montreal, Canada

The Frankencell saga continues

  The Frankencell saga we started last year (“Creating-altering life – the Frankencell”) continued after the long awaited visit to Montreal of UK´s Synthetic Biology champion former Minister David Willetts and this third episode discusses last week’s first UK-Canada Synthetic Biology Workshop. British Consul General Nick Baker opened this two-day event in Montreal hosted by […]

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12th August 2014 Montreal, Canada

Montreal yn croesawu Prif Weinidog Cymru

If you understood this blog’s title, it’s because you have some Welsh language skills! (Translation: Montreal welcomes First Minister of Wales). The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, paid a 48-hour visit to Montreal on 22-24 July to take up an invitation to speak at the 23rd World Congress of Political Science. SIN, UKTI and […]

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28th July 2014 Montreal, Canada

Geeky Farmers – The Agriculture of the Future

What if you could control your backyard smallholding (“potage”) sitting on your couch? This is indeed feasible! Last week the Science and Innovation Network in Montreal teamed up with Prof. Viacheslav (Slava) Adamchuk from McGill University and organized the first UK-Canada Workshop in Precise Farming. The farming landscape has changed significantly, and entered a new […]

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20th February 2014 Montreal, Canada

A long awaited visit to Montréal finally becomes a reality!

As promised, voilà! – the last chapter of the series “smarty blog themes”. The “smart and distinguished” British visitors came by train from Ottawa and stayed at same hotel where John Lennon and Yoko Ono did their Bed-In in Montréal in 1969 (which ended with a spontaneous recording of Give Peace a Chance). But who […]

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