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22nd February 2017 Skopje, North Macedonia

Sir Alan Duncan MP

Minister for Europe and the Americas

Ahead of my visit to Macedonia

Since the UK voted to leave the European Union, I am often asked the same question by the people I meet overseas: What does this mean for my country? Every time my answer is the same, the UK will be leaving the European Union, but we are not leaving Europe. On my first visit to […]

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23rd September 2014 Geneva, Switzerland

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by Bob Last

Head, UK Mission Political and Human Rights Team

Nations United

It’s been an interesting week to be a Brit at the UN. No matter what else has been going on in the rest of the world, all anyone wanted to talk to me about was Scotland. Mostly people just wanted to hear my prediction of what the result was going to be, as though I have […]

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21st June 2012

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by Paul Madden

British Ambassador to Japan

Defence visit by all party group of MPs

A group of senior MPs are currently visiting, to explore Australian thinking on Defence: Jim Murphy (Labour, Shadow Defence Secretary), Claire Perry (Conservative, PPS to the Defence Secretary) and Sir Bob Russell (Lib Dem, Member of the Defence Select committee). In Canberra they met the Australian Defence Minister and Opposition spokesman, as well as a range […]

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7th December 2011 London, UK

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by David Lidington

Minister for Europe, London

Thoughts from the OSCE Ministerial Council

I commend the Lithuanian Chairmanship in Office which has pursued a challenging agenda for the OSCE this year and I hope this Ministerial Council will both consolidate their excellent efforts and commit to realising future positive change across the OSCE area and beyond. I take a very keen interest in what has been happening in […]

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13th October 2011

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by Leigh Turner

Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna

What Next for Ukraine?

This week, for almost the first time since I arrived in Ukraine in June 2008, Ukraine has been the number one item on the BBC World News website and in other media around the world.  Friends have been getting in touch to ask me what’s going on, and where Ukraine is going.  It’s an important […]

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2nd August 2011

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by Nigel Baker

Ambassador to the Holy See (2011-2016)

Visit of Minister of State Jeremy Browne

The Embassy team has just hosted the visit to Bolivia of Minister of State, and Minister for Latin America, Jeremy Browne. Such visits are always valuable in our efforts to take forward the bilateral relationship, and highlight Britain’s role in Bolivia. It was the first visit  to Bolivia of this level since Kim Howells visited […]

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28th June 2011 Islamabad, Pakistan

by Adam Thomson

British High Commissioner to Pakistan

Recognizing fallen martyrs

On Thursday, I visited the Police Lines headquarters in Islamabad. I was accompanying the UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague, who wanted to pay his respects to the fallen martyrs of the Pakistani police service and to publicly recognise their sacrifices in serving Pakistan and its citizens. Mr Hague laid a wreath at the police monument […]

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9th June 2011

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by Greg Dorey


"Working together on non-traditional security challenges"….

…is the slogan of the Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM) now taking place in Godolo Royal Palace. Minister of State Jeremy Browne is representing the UK and has spoken about live foreign policy issues (the Arab Spring, Iran, Afghanistan, Burma and North Korea) and global economic developments (the rising significance of Asian economies to global prosperity, reform […]

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9th March 2011

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by Greg Dorey


Including our friends

The UK is strongly committed to the European Union’s enlargement process. And so on 9 March the UK’s Minister for Europe David Lidington will give a keynote speech on EU Enlargement in the Hague. We are not only convinced about the value of enlargement but have played a leading role in driving it through. We […]

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8th March 2011

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by Peter Beckingham

Former governor in Turks and Caicos Islands

Largest ever overseas investment in India – by a British company

In February I took part in five workshops, from Edinburgh to Newmarket, and Leeds to London. These workshops were arranged and supported variously by UKTI, the Asia Task Force, RBS and The Economist Intelligence Unit about India. From the number of businesspeople who attended at each venue, probably over 500 in all, I was left […]

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