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18th June 2014

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by Paul Madden

British Ambassador to Japan

GOV.UK more than OK

Britain is one of the most advanced digital economies in the world. The British Government’s Chief Technology Officer, Liam Maxwell, was in Canberra this week to brief Australian ministers and officials on some of the latest developments in the UK. He described how all of the many different departmental websites had moved successfully onto a […]

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21st January 2014 London, UK

FCO data hack day

Open Data is one of the underpinning elements of the Prime Minister’s Transparency Agenda. Open Data is the raw commodity which enables government to release new economic growth and social value and improve public services and accountability.  In the FCO we generate and use a lot of information and we are looking at ways – […]

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19th April 2013 Toronto, Canada

GOV.UK wins Design of the Year 2013

GOV.UK is the new digital home of everything the UK Government does. Every government entity will eventually have its online presence at GOV.UK, giving people who need information a single place to go and get it. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (SIN’s parent departments) are already there, helping […]

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11th December 2012 London, UK

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by Alison Daniels

Digital Transformation Leader at UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Moving to GOV.UK

On Thursday, the Foreign Office will become one of several more ‘trailblazing’ Government Departments moving part of its publishing operation onto the new single government website GOV.UK. We will start by publishing our news, speeches, policies and corporate information on Inside Government. And by March 2013 we’ll be moving our travel advice,other consular information and […]

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