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27th September 2014 Chennai, India

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by Bharat Joshi

British Deputy High Commissioner, Chennai

Unsung heroes

Last month I turned 45. I’m not telling you this so you can congratulate or commiserate with me, although my beloved wife did – very sweetly – remind me that I’m now numerically closer to 50 than 40 (thanks darling). But I do find that birthdays are increasingly occasions for reflection. This year, I was […]

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31st October 2013 Havana, Cuba

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by Tim Cole

Former British Ambassador to Cuba

La actualización del modelo económico británico

Al igual que Cuba, el Reino Unido tuvo que lidiar recientemente con algunos problemas económicos severos. En el 2008-2009, en medio de la crisis financiera y económica global, la economía británica se redujo en 7.2 %. La crisis dejó al modelo del Reino Unido expuesto a un crecimiento económico inestable y desbalanceado. El rango de […]

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25th October 2013 Washington DC, USA

Hetty Crist

by Hetty Crist

Deputy Press Secretary

Souper Man – My Day at the Empty Bowls Fundraiser

The following is a guest post by Craig Harnden, Head Chef, British Embassy.  Earlier this week , I had the opportunity to represent the British Embassy at the Capital Area Food Bank’s 6th Annual ‘Empty Bowls’ fundraiser for hunger relief in the Washington area. Empty Bowls is a unique event that brings local restaurants, and […]

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14th May 2013 London, UK

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by David Lidington

Minister for Europe, London

A startling statistic

A startling statistic – over half the businesses that get help from UK Trade & Investment go on to win additional sales of over £600,000 within two years. The UK’s trade performance is often discussed in the abstract, or at the macroeconomic level. People look at the effect on UK GDP or the balance of […]

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22nd March 2013 Washington DC, USA

by Peter Matheson

Economic Counsellor

Trade Partnerships: The simple power of good ideas

Last week, I argued that a successful Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership  would put millions of consumers on both sides in touch with millions of businesses on both sides and be a real shot in the arm for business and jobs. In that blog, I argued that a successful TTIP would benefit the US in […]

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3rd December 2012 Beirut, Lebanon

Tom Fletcher

by Tom Fletcher

Former British Ambassador to Lebanon

A Match Made in Heaven: Can Online Dating Transform British/Lebanese Trade?

Britain and Lebanon are great traders, on the edge of our continents. The Phoenicians were masters of global trade 7000 years ago. Our moment came several millennia later, but we also built our success, in the 19th century, on the back of a readiness to pioneer, to voyage, and to do business. Diplomats cling to […]

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4th October 2012

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by Leigh Turner

Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna

Britain in Turkey

$56 billion of infrastructural investment opportunities. New airports, bridges, motorways, ports and healthcare opportunities running up to 2023. Top-level political support from the British and Turkish Governments. All this is the background to this week’s visit to Turkey by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Business and Enterprise Minister Michael Fallon, accompanied by a top-level […]

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13th July 2012

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by Paul Madden

British Ambassador to Japan

Iron awe in the Pilbara

Anglo Australian giant Rio Tinto earns $21bn a year from mining in Western Australia. They took me to visit their vast iron-ore mining operation in the remote Pilbara region, some 1000 km north of Perth. As I lined up at the airport with hundreds of miners in their hi-vis jackets, at 4.30 am, I reflected […]

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