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14th February 2014

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by Christopher Prentice

Former British Ambassador to Italy

Spending Review: a hot topic in Italy

Spending Review often seems a very dry and technical subject. But bear with me. It really matters. Hardly a day goes by in Italy without the front pages of the national newspapers or headline news discussing the government’s intention to save €32bn over three years through a Spending Review led by Commissioner Carlo Cottarelli. Soon […]

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19th April 2011 Toronto, Canada

WWF CN Tower Climb 2011

This is John Preece guestblogging about the recent CN Tower Climb, where two teams from the British Consulate-General in Toronto (one of which included myself) raced up the 1,776 steps and raised over $6,600 for WWF Canada. “Where’s the science?” I hear you cry – read on! First of all, a quick statistical analysis of […]

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