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13th February 2015 Kingston, Jamaica

by Charmaine Wright

Head, UK Trade & Investment Jamaica

Working in Jamaica while studying in the UK? Yes , you can!

Ever so often your private life and your public life collide – thankfully this time it’s for the better! In July, I will attend my graduation at the University of Leicester, where I will be given my certificate acknowledging that I have completed a Masters of Business Administration programme. It is the culmination of almost […]

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4th December 2013 Brasilia, Brazil

by Thais Nogueira

Political Assistant

Rio de Janeiro discusses international security

  Last Friday (29), I had the opportunity to return to Rio de Janeiro, where I lived for almost 8 years, to participate in the X International Security Conference of the Fort of Copacabana, an initiative of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation-KAS and the Brazilian Center for International Relations-CEBRI, supported by the Delegation of the European […]

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28th September 2013 Ottawa, Canada

Dementia: A Global Challenge

September 2013 marks the second World Alzheimer’s Month, reflecting the growing urgency and concern over the health, social and economic burden of the disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a common form of dementia. Today, it is estimated that over 35 million people worldwide currently live with the condition, and this number is expected to double by […]

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30th July 2013 Ottawa, Canada

Canadian High Performance Computing and Big Data Capabilities

National infrastructure for supercomputing-powered research High performance computing (HPC) has become an indispensable and enabling technology across all research fields. Some fields have a long history with computing such as computer science, astrophysics, weather (climate modeling) and engineering. In Canada, researchers are managing and analyzing immensely large and complex data sets from sources such as […]

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2nd April 2013 Toronto, Canada

QC, UK team up to fight obesity

I was recently over in the UK for a Québec-UK symposium on cardiometabolic disease in Cambridge, followed by meetings with researchers at various universities. We’ll follow up on potential joint projects this year, but for now here’s what I was tweeting during the trip: [View the story “QC-UK cardiometabolic disease symposium” on Storify]

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18th March 2013 Nairobi, Kenya

by Matt Baugh

Ambassador to Somalia

Opportunity, partnership and commitment.

Last Thursday, the Federal Government of Somalia, together with the UK, hosted the latest meeting with a number of key international partners in Mogadishu. The location was significant. This was the first time such a meeting had been held in Mogadishu since the Federal Government came to power last year. It was a real demonstration […]

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5th March 2013 Ottawa, Canada

Women in Science – roundtable recap video!

As you may remember, on January 24th, 2013, the Montreal Consulate General (@UKinCanada and @BritsAuCanada), in collaboration with McGill (@McGillU), the Royal Society (@royalsociety) and the Royal Society of Canada (@RSCTheAcademies), hosted a round table on women in Science. Well, the Footage is in and edited and now we can offer you a quick video recap of our Women in Science event: […]

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11th October 2012 Toronto, Canada

A preview of CSPC 2012

The 4th Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC), subtitled Building Bridges for the Future of Science Policy, will take place in Calgary between 5 and 7 November 2012. We have excellent UK representation this year, with speakers in two panels and SIN Officers in attendance: The Fundamental Research as a Driver for Long-Term Canadian Innovation panel […]

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2nd October 2012 Beirut, Lebanon

Tom Fletcher

by Tom Fletcher

Former British Ambassador to Lebanon

The Naked Diplomat

Tomorrow, we’re hosting in Beirut a conference on how diplomats can respond to the way in which social media is changing our work. We’ll be hosting a tweetup (#digiconflb) and drawing on the feedback so far on the FCO’s digital consultation. I was lucky to take part in a panel on social media during last […]

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