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25th March 2019 Geneva, Switzerland

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by Bob Last

Head, UK Mission Political and Human Rights Team

Fretful Felines at Forty

Last autumn, Pixie – our much loved cat (and subject of a 2015 blog trilogy) – fell seriously ill. After a week in pet hospital, the vets advised that she needed an urgent blood transfusion to survive. Except they didn’t have any cat blood in stock, so they asked if I could round up some […]

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8th October 2014 Yaounde, Cameroon

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by Brian Olley

British High Commissioner, Cameroon

Cities: threat or answer to our future?

If we can for a moment forget about today, tomorrow or next month’s problems and think about where we are heading in a hundred years, what the cities of Cameroon will look like is a key question. Will the cities of tomorrow become ungovernable, choked by ever increasing numbers of cars, ripe for crime and […]

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30th September 2014

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by Nigel Baker

Ambassador to the Holy See (2011-2016)

The Holy See and the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth and the Holy See represent the two largest soft power networks in the world today. The Commonwealth with its 53 countries, 2.2bn citizens, and common values as expressed in its Charter focused on democracy, equitable economic development, good governance, young people, human rights, and social progress. The Holy See as the central governance of […]

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