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28th June 2016 Delhi, India

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by Tamil Selvan Chandru

Senior Adviser - Newton Fund India

Biotech going ‘big’ in Bengaluru

I recently took over as the innovation lead in Science and Innovation Network India (SIN) team, which with India’s focus on translating research, is an important area of joint collaboration between the UK and India. To find out more about this collaboration I headed to Bengaluru, biotechnology hub of India for a networking event of […]

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5th June 2014 Mumbai

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by Vishakha Chandhere

Senior Adviser, UK Science & Innovation Network India

Sugar technology research at Vasantdada Sugar Institute

I often remember those days when I accompanied my grandparents to our sugarcane farm and wondered how do these tall sticks of cane become those lovely sugar crystals? Who does this magic? Well, my questions were answered recently when I visited the Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI) in Pune. I met the Director General, Shivajirao C. […]

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28th October 2013 Bangalore, India

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by Sunil Kumar

Senior Science & Innovation Adviser

Digital innovations in Healthcare

We had the pleasure of working with Accelerator India, C-CAMP and the Electronics, Sensors and Photonics Knowledge Transfer Network on a workshop in Bangalore on Digital Innovations in Healthcare. We considered this an area of great potential for future UK-India collaborations. It may also be an area where companies in both countries could bid into […]

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7th November 2012 New Delhi, India

Spotlight on open calls

From our survey back in June, we know many of you have a strong interest in the finding out about UK-India funding opportunities. So, thought we would write a special ‘Spotlight On’ blog to tell you about the current open calls. Hot off the press, last week the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council […]

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23rd June 2011 Toronto, Canada

ISSCR 2011

This is John Preece guestblogging about the recent International Society for Stem Cell Research Annual Meeting that took place in Toronto last week. ISSCR is the largest event on the stem cell / regenerative medicine calendar, and it attracted over 3500 researchers, biotech representatives and policymakers, including some of the most preeminent scientists in the […]

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