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23rd June 2017 Beijing, China

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by Lin Yu

Beijing Science and Innovation Network

Big Data, Bigger Opportunities

What do you think of when you think about big data technology? A matchbox sized sensor may not look like much, but it can significantly improve the safety of key infrastructure; for example it can collect data on humidity, weather conditions, and traffic volume, analyse the effect of these on the structure of a bridge […]

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29th June 2016 Copenhagen, Denmark

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by Mai Valentin Nielsen

Deputy Head of Science & Innovation - Nordics

SIN and the Social Sciences

When we talk about tackling global challenges or delivering economic benefits to society, the focus is often on technological developments in the natural sciences. And rightly so – we need breakthroughs in clean tech to mitigate climate change and we need new developments in medicine to tackle antimicrobial resistance or dementia, just to name a […]

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7th June 2016 Mumbai, India

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by Uma Patil

Science & Innovation Adviser

Potential UK – India collaborations in precision medicine

Earlier this month, I joined the UK Science & Innovation Network as Adviser. I’m based in the British Deputy High Commission, Mumbai. It’s been a few weeks now since I started and I’ve already made peace with Mumbai’s hectic pace. One of the themes I will be exploring this year is precision medicine. It’s an […]

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8th April 2014 Washington DC, USA

Brad Keelor

by Bradley Keelor

Senior Science and Innovation Policy Advisor

Big Data: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Buzzword alert: If you haven’t heard the phrase big data, you may have been living under a rock for quite some time. It’s everywhere. When people are talk about ‘working in the cloud’ and making ‘predictions about elections,’ they’re talking about using big data. Sounds impressive, right? Well… if you don’t know what the phrase […]

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30th July 2013 Ottawa, Canada

Canadian High Performance Computing and Big Data Capabilities

National infrastructure for supercomputing-powered research High performance computing (HPC) has become an indispensable and enabling technology across all research fields. Some fields have a long history with computing such as computer science, astrophysics, weather (climate modeling) and engineering. In Canada, researchers are managing and analyzing immensely large and complex data sets from sources such as […]

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13th May 2013 Ottawa, Canada

Data: the Raw Material of the 21st Century

In today’s ‘Information Age’,  data is the fuel driving innovation in economy and society. Chris Yiu, head of the Digital Government Unit at the Policy Exchange (a leading London think tank) sits on the UK Government’s Data Strategy Board. He was recently in Ottawa to speak at the Data Effect conference about UK initiatives. I […]

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25th January 2013 Toronto, Canada

Eight great technologies

Earlier this week, Minister for Universities and Science David Willetts gave a speech at the Policy Exchange on “eight great technologies” which will help the UK grow and prosper over the next decade. You can read the speech here, the BIS press release here and the Policy Exchange pamphlet here. Let’s look at each technology […]

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