Martin Oxley, Head, UKTI Poland

Martin Oxley

Director of UKTI Warsaw

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11th March 2014 Warsaw, Poland

Say Cheese – Say Wensleydale

Piesek P is on the lookout for GREAT British Cheese in Poland – as he finds it he’ll let you know – just smile,

Say Cheese Say Wensleydale

Wensleydale cheese has a heritage that spans centuries, with its roots firmly set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. First crafted in the 12th Century by a group of Cistercian monk settlers in Wensleydale, the art of Wensleydale cheese-making was perfected over time, and eventually found itself in the hands of local farmers’ wives.

It wasn’t until 1897 when the first creamery was built in Hawes that Wensleydale cheese-making began on a large scale. However, the industrial depression of the 1930’s saw trading conditions become more difficult. Had it not been for Kit Calvert MBE, a now-legendary Yorkshire businessman, the Real Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese as we know it would not exist today.

The name of Real Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese has become synonymous with quality, authenticity, and tradition. Skilled cheese-makers still continue the art of hand-crafting Real Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. The Wensleydale Creamery remains dedicated to keeping things local too, by using milk from local family-run farms. It’s a firm belief that along with the skill of the cheese-makers and unique starter cultures, the inimitable taste of Real Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese comes from the milk of the cows, that graze happily on limestone pastures; a healthy, natural diet of grasses, herbs and wild flowers that only the Yorkshire Dales can offer. 

A selection of British cheeses - photo courtesy of HEFF
A selection of British cheeses – photo courtesy of HEFF

Whilst cheese-making methods remain traditional, Wensleydale Creamery has also innovated with new and exciting blended cheeses such as Real Yorkshire Wensleydale with Cranberries, and even honoured Kit Calvert with a special old-fashioned style of Wensleydale cheese that bears his name. Real Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese is made by hand, as it always has been, by a devoted team of master cheese-makers to whom Wensleydale isn’t just a cheese – it’s their way of life.

Yorkshire Wensleydale has a unique creamy, crumbly taste, which is full of flavour, is a result of the unique starter cultures that, combined with our cheese-making expertise, create a cheese with a texture and flavour that no other region can match. Pale white in colour with a firm yet dense, slightly flaky texture, Wensleydale has a subtle wild-honey flavour balanced by the cheese’ s refreshing acidity.

Say Cheese would encourage you to start your relationship with Wensleydale on its own – discrete, get to know each other and all that. GREAT Yorkshire Wensleydale loves crackers. It has also been known to accompany traditional apple pie and on occasion is a super accompaniment to marmalade on a a piece of toast at breakfast. Wensleydale loves Christmas cake. Watch out in a Yorkshire Dales’ pub for a Wensleydale Ploughmans.

Say Cheese – Say Wensleydale – Taste some for yourself today

About Martin Oxley

Martin Oxley joins the Embassy team in Warsaw, building on a 15 year business career in Central Europe. An expert in the healthcare and life sciences sector, he has led a…

Martin Oxley joins the Embassy team in Warsaw, building on a 15
year business career in Central Europe. An expert in the healthcare and
life sciences sector, he has led a number of the leading blue chip and
regional pharmaceutical companies in Poland and the broader Central and
Eastern European region.
Most recently he was CEO of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce.
Under his leadership the Chamber grew to be one of the most prominent
international business networking organisations in Poland receiving a
number of awards  for excellence and partnership development.
Martin retains a keen interest in digital media, communications,
cultural relations and enterprise development. He is very enthusiastic
about his new role at the Embassy and honoured to have the opportunity
to play a leading role in championing the development of British
business in Poland.
He is married to Małgorzata and has two children Jaś and Nati.

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