26th July 2013 New Delhi, India

Are you ready for the Rolls-Royce India Open Innovation Challenge?

Chesbrough, who coined the term “Open Innovation” describes in his book “Open Innovation: the New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology” how companies have shifted from so-called closed innovation processes towards a more open way of innovating. Open Innovation can be described as combining internal and external ideas as well as internal and external paths to market to advance the development of new technologies.

Julian Evans, Acting British High Commissioner to India addressing the audience at the IOiN-RR launch event in New Delhi
Julian Evans, Acting British High Commissioner to India addressing the audience at the IOiN-RR launch event in New Delhi

Following this model, Rolls-Royce launched its India Open Innovation program (IOiN-RR) in New Delhi and Bangalore on 22nd July and 24th July respectively. IOiN-RR is designed to help identify and then buy or license technologies or techniques outside Rolls-Royce’s traditional areas of operation that are new and potentially beneficial to Rolls-Royce.

India is the second market for this initiative, after Japan, where 250 companies were called to participate in the scheme. When asked about the reasons for choosing India, Paul Stein, Chief Scientific Officer at Rolls-Royce explained, “India has 1 million engineering graduates a year and we want to tap into this growing talent pool.”

The challenges will focus on three critical areas: test and measurement; repair, inspection and servicing technologies; and novel designs and manufacture of large components and tools. Organizations that have been in existence for minimum two years are eligible to apply. The solutions submitted by the participants should be beyond concept stage and should lie between a successful prototype and ready for industry stage. Participants with the winning solution/s will have the opportunity to see their solution be integrated into Rolls-Royce global operations through a collaborative relationship with Rolls-Royce.

UK-India roundtable on Corporate Innovation chaired by Andrew Soper
UK-India roundtable on Corporate Innovation chaired by Andrew Soper

The launch event in Delhi took place at the British High Commissioner’s residence and was hosted by Julian Evans, Acting British High Commissioner to India. The launch was preceded by a roundtable focused on ‘Corporate Innovation’. The roundtable chaired by Andrew Soper, Counsellor (Prosperity) saw participation from the key movers and shakers in the UK-India science and innovation space. The participants around the table deliberated on how the UK and Indian Governments, industry and academia can work together, as innovation partners, to benefit both countries. There was a consensus that programmes such as IOiN-RR are a positive development.

Media coverage of the competition: Economic Times, Business Standard

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  1. Hi

    We are a control systems company specializing in products for the aircraft industry. We got the DST-Lockheed Martin award recently for our adaptive autopilot, which is currently being sold worldwide.
    We work with Professor Hovakimyan(uiuc) in applying L1 and other modern control techniques to industrial problems.

    We would be interested in participating in this program. Could we have more details? We believe our expertise in the areas of aeroacoustics and control theory would help us create world class products.


    1. Dear Srinath

      Thanks you for showing interest in the initiative. You can view the challenge summary page here:

      If you are interested in participating in the India Open Innovation Initiative then you will need to register via the Registration Page:

      Once your registration has been approved by Rolls-Royce you will receive an email containing log-in details which will allow you to access the protected area of the website. You will then be able to view and download the full details of each live challenge: information will be provided detailing the challenge context, solution requirements and the level of technology maturity R-R are looking for.

      Hope this helps. You could also look at the competition page for more details here:


  2. Dear V. Snehaa,

    Thanks for your question. I beleive the entry criteria are having a technology beyond the concept stage (i.e. with at least a prototype in place), a track record of developing technologies and for the enterprise/institution applying to have been in opperations for at least 2 years. So, assuming your instution is not brand new and is willing to apply with you, it will depend how developed your idea is and what track record your institution has.

    Hope that helps, and I would encourage you to check the competition page for full details:


  3. hi this is sneha final year B.E student , have an idea in the category of energy sustainability .Am i eligible to participate?

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