Jane Marriott, British Ambassador to Yemen

Jane Marriott

British Ambassador to Yemen

Part of UK in Yemen

26th June 2014 Sana’a, Yemen

Ramadan Karim

Jane Marriott, British Ambassador to Yemen
Jane Marriott, British Ambassador to Yemen

Like so many of those I have spoken to in the past week, I am looking forward to Ramadan.

I am conscious that this Ramadan is an opportunity for all of us who live in Yemen to think about the values at the heart of this holy month of reflection, consideration for others and avoidance of conflict.  And so I send the people of Yemen my warmest regards, and wish you Ramadan Karim.

Yemen has come a long way since the youth revolution. The political transition, as set out in the GCC Initiative, must also result an economic and security improvements. But progress is slow, too slow. So I urge all those who call themselves Yemenis to use this month of reflection to, once again, put Yemen’s interests, and the implementation of the NDC outcomes, above personal and party politics.

In particular, my thoughts are with those who are suffering in Yemen’s humanitarian crisis and conflicts.  The UN Humanitarian appeal for 2014 sets out that more than half the population, or 14.7 million people, are in need of some form of humanitarian assistance.  For 10.5 million Yemenis hunger or the inability to access sufficient safe, nutritious food to meet their dietary needs, is a constant companion.  The British Government is providing $120m / YR 25,000m of humanitarian assistance to Yemen over two years as part of the wider support from international community to make Yemen a success story.

2 comments on “Ramadan Karim

  1. Ramadan Karim. to you too.

    It is very kind of you to send the people of Yemen your warmest regards, and your wish of Ramadan Karim to them,personally i think this regards only for the real poor Yemenis, not for those who call themselves Yemenis, it is really good sense to pass message.

    Karim : means (generous), and it is one of (Allah) good names. on this month usually (Rich pays to poor), in an organized religious system call (Zakat ore Sadakat), (2.5%) from the net profit, which is nearly similar to the first based of Tax on England, and that is part of the heart of Ramadan.

    Away from politics every one agrees with you, that Yemen is above every one, but that is only for people counted by UN.

    The question is : Why all these things happening to Yemen while all the parties are rolling? Maybe because none of them has future plan !!!! So that is why all that scary numbers shows on Yemen’s face, which is the offset side of the month of Ramadan.

  2. thanks alot and as a yemeni citizen I wish you a Ramadan Karim too and that you would have great times during this month , and I pray that this month will bring back the peace again to my belived country

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