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4th October 2014

Britain’s Most Frequent Royal Visitor to Ethiopia

HRHHer Royal Highness (HRH) the Princess Royal spent three days in Ethiopia last week – her fourth visit to the country, the first having been in 1974. And once again HRH made a considerable impact, visiting not just Addis Ababa but also projects in Adama and South Sudanese refugees in Gambella. HRH was here primarily in her role as President of Save the Children (UK), being briefed on the important work which Save the Children International (SCI) are doing in healthcare for mothers, children and newborns; as well as in education. HRH also met HE President Mulatu for a private discussion on recent developments in Ethiopia.

And HRH also participated in an inspiring and informative event which I co-hosted with Girl Hub Ethiopia, to showcase the work they are doing to empower girls here. You can find an account of the evening at http://ow.ly/ChBzU.

HRH was able to witness a striking performance by Ethiopia’s girl band Yegna, who also form the cast of a radio soap programme exploring key issues for girls. And she spoke in particular about  SCI’s PAGES (Pastoralist Afar Girls Education Support) project, which is funded by the UK’s Department for International Development. Fewer than 10% of children finish primary school in the Afar Region.

HRH2 In Gambella, HRH toured Tierkidi Camp with the Regional President and Vice President and heard from some of the 190,000 odd refugees who have arrived from South Sudan since last December. HRH visited a school, a nutritional centre and a play space for children. HRH heard how some of the camps have been facing problems of severe flooding recently and about the dire need for more funding to enable the international community to look after the refugees properly. HRH also visited the grave of a British officer who had died in Gambella, in the course of liberating Ethiopia during the Second World War.

Before leaving Addis Ababa, HRH presented the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) to Jill Campbell, for her work providing food, support and shelter to homeless people in the city. Other volunteers from her Addis Ababa Food Run attended, delighted at this recognition for Jill’s and their tremendous work.

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  1. The visit of HRH to Ethiopia demonstrates the strong and historical relation between Britain and Ethiopia. As the saying goes ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’, Britain played an important role in the defeat of fascism from the world; and particularly in liberating Ethiopia from fascist occupation. Since then Britain is one of the key development partners of the country. The visit of HRH to sites where vulnerable groups and people live reflects how much she stands for the poor and the disadvantaged. It motivates us all to think about such groups of people and initiates us to do something good. After all we are all equal and created in the image of GOD.

  2. Thank you very much . This is a good update for those who educated in UK .

    Regards ;


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