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15th November 2012

Steps for Life

This past week we have been commemorating 50 years of Cheshire Services Ethiopia. Founded by Group Captain Leonard Cheshire in 1962, with the help of the Ethiopian Royal Family, they have since proved the most enduring and one of the most successful NGOs in Ethiopia.

Ambassador Greg Dorey with the President’s Representative

As with the Cheshire Homes in the UK, the main focus of Cheshire Services Ethiopia’s work is with disabled people – here that is especially with children (and particularly those afflicted by polio).

Last Monday I held a small reception to commemorate their Golden Jubilee, attended by some of the former recipients of the treatment provided by this NGO. My speech is online.

The title of this blog is taken from a recent book by Robert Waterhouse, sub-titled “Remarkable People, Extraordinary Times”.

It celebrates the first 50 years of Cheshire Services Ethiopia and looks forward to their future work.

Cheshire Services Ethiopia is a fine example of how expatriates and local people can work together to transform the services provided to part of society which has traditionally been neglected but which has much to offer.

In the year of the biggest and best Paralympics ever, the potential role of disabled people is taking on a whole new light. Cheshire Services Ethiopia is helping them to make a real difference in this country.

4 comments on “Steps for Life

  1. Encouraging and acknowledging noble deeds is extremely important. I am glad that you commemorated 50 years of Cheshire Services of Ethiopia. I remember from my school days that a lot of people used to participate in Cheshire Home’s 21 kms. fund raising walk.

  2. I once met Leonard Cheshire, when I was fund raising for a small NGO that was implementing village water supply in Kenya. He was very kind to me and gave moral support in the form of a statement for our NGO brochure.

  3. Cheshire Homes has always been an inspiration of kindness to the needy and many such charities have been around in Ethiopia but not for long, however, it takes once endurance to survive the ups and downs of life and well done for your 60s anniversary. Keep up with the good job.

    GB ERC

  4. Ceshire is truely an Organizations that has been impacting a change for several years even since I came to know some 9 years ago when as a group of young people we voluntarily organized a awareness creation running event on the issue of disability. There are many peoples who have contributing thier best and among those people who deserves worth mentioning here is Lilla Heaslip,a Briton, who has been one of the driving forces behind the success of Ceshire for more than two decades. For me I always associate ceshire with Lila who for the first time introduced us to the work of ceshire and their center and with whom we eorked a couple of voluntary works. Lila you deserve a recognition for your superb work!. I am sure that are also others out there who deserve similar recognition and good job to you all.

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