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12th August 2011

Sziget Music Festival Day 3 (part 9)

British Sea Power are on stage with some fir trees – not sure where they fit in, but that’s probably my ignorance.

Earlier on we visited the Head of the new Tom Lantos Institute in Budapest (he was a Holocaust survivor and US Congressman and the Institute was launched by his family a few weeks ago) which will be working on human rights issues in the region. Also the Humana Foundation, an impressive group of young volunteers trying to raise awareness of human rights issues, who are new to me – but with whom we’d like to work in the future. We have run a number of human rights projects in recent years such as the “Music Against Racism” project I have mentioned in the previous blog and a “Human Rights Movie Day” earlier this year. Plus the Clean Air Society, with whom we worked on the “10:10” campaign to reduce CO2 emissions by 10% in a year starting in 2010 I from whom we learn some startling facts about our collective failure to live by green principles.

Later tonight Skunk Anasie, Dizzee Rascal and The Prodigy are up on the Main Stage. It’s the most British day at the Sziget Festival this week. But my personal high-spot will be the fabulous Kaiser Chiefs tomorrow night…