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Greg Dorey


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2nd February 2011

Making a difference through beer

I should probably explain why I was sampling some very good beer at Dreher Breweries in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. I was at an event called “Making a difference through beer”! And I was trying my best to make that difference.

This was actually one of a series of events run by the British Chamber of Commerce in Budapest to showcase examples of good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice to their members – whether these come from British or other companies.

As the opening speaker, I was able to explain that the principles of good CSR practice apply in an Embassy as much as they do in the commercial world. Internally I try to observe good employer practice in everything from promoting diversity and good health and safety policies; to ensuring we have excellent appraisal and training and development programmes in place. And externally, we try to set an example as a good neighbour through supporting sustainability and green initiatives; promoting transparency; and encouraging tolerance – for example, helping to launch the Hungarian equivalent of the British campaign Love Music Hate Racism or ZARE. All of us, whatever type of organisation we might be, have our CSR responsibilities – our challenge is to try to discharge those responsibilities as best we can.

Inspired by Dreher’s comprehensive CSR programme (which subsumes responsible drinking) and a small beer, I felt fortified for the challenging task of giving the Toast to the Lassies at the Burns evening at the Scottish Mission that same evening.