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5th April 2023

Ambassador for a Day in Venezuela

Within the framework of International Women’s Day, the British Embassy in Caracas held the “Ambassador for a Day Contest”, an initiative of the British Government to promote the participation of young women in leadership roles. As a result, UK Heads of Mission around the world give hundreds of women the chance to experience first-hand our work in favour of gender equality.

As the new communications and political intern at the Embassy, this year I had the opportunity to be part of the second edition of the contest, by supporting the selection committee and the human rights and communications teams. I could not contain my enthusiasm, since I had watched and admired the last edition through social media. Now, being part of it was a dream come true.

This year, 31 young women from all over the country participated. They submitted a video expressing their perspectives on the main challenges faced by young Venezuelan women due to their gender and the measures that can bring us closer to achieving gender equality in an area of their choice.

Their responses were inspiring, each one with their own touch of personality and creativity. We received motivating and well-planned proposals that represent tangible signs of optimism about the future female leadership.

A panel of female staff was formed to select the finalists and winner from the 12 pre-selected profiles. The winner of this second edition was Ana Julia, from Anzoátegui state, northwest of Venezuela. Ana is from my home state, which filled me with great emotion and pride, given the difficulties in the countryside for young people like us to access such valuable opportunities at a personal and professional level, combined with the huge lack of regional representation.

As a novelty, this year the selected finalists also came from different regions of Venezuela, dedicated to various professional areas, which provided a multidisciplinary and crosscutting perspective to the contest. This made possible to make visible the work that these young leaders are doing in their communities and offer them a space to make their realities known, as well as to represent, empower and inspire many other women who identify with them and generate a wave of change of greater magnitude.

After days of organization and planning, the long-awaited day arrived. The Embassy designed a special agenda for the winner to share a working day with our Chargé d’Affaires, Becks Buckingham, starting with the launch of the FCDO’s International Strategy for Women and Girls “Rights, Freedom and Potential”. Likewise, she also had a first-hand look at a working day at the British Embassy and participated throughout the day in various meetings with representatives of the United Nations and human rights defenders in the country.

The day closed with a cocktail that included more than 100 women leaders in Venezuela. I had the opportunity to celebrate and recognize the talents of each of the attendees, as well as to promote the exchange of learning, challenges and future goals, during a dynamic networking that had two categories: “What do I offer?” and “What do I need? It was a special opportunity to exchange experiences, contacts and ideas.

The Chargé d’Affaires, Becks Buckingham, whom I admire very much for being a promoter of women’s rights, inclusion and gender equality, highlighted her commitment to promote this type of meetings that bring together women leaders in multiple areas. She also recalled her famous “Becks Bubbles Brunch“, of which I had the opportunity to participate in the fifth edition and connect with groups of women leaders from the health and humanitarian sector.

The feeling was overwhelming. Seeing so many women who make a difference and having the opportunity to talk, learn about their experiences and take advice from them, is indescribable.

I met the winner and finalists of the contest, Ana Julia, Veronica, Gabriela, Diana and Carolina, extraordinary and talented young women who work to promote gender equality and whose passion has transformed their communities regionally. They inspired me with their stories and messages to continue creating networks in the promotion and defense of women’s rights and inclusion.

Personally, it was an extremely enriching day. From my position as a young woman professional in international relations with a passion for public diplomacy and communications, I experienced “Ambassador for a day” doing what I love and feeling like a real Ambassador.

I learned about personal empowerment and self-image, not to be afraid to get to know me and express myself, and the importance of creating spaces for communication and recognition among all women, from a crosscutting point of view.

I would like to share the reflection of a human rights defender during the remarked conversations: “As feminists, it is not about being recognized as women in movement, but as a women’s movement”. Demonstrating the true impact of networking under the perspective that united we are stronger and together we can achieve much more.

I am very grateful to the British Embassy in Caracas and to Becks for allowing me to share from my point of the “Ambassador for a Day” experience and story.

Ennis Diaz.


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