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Chris Trott

UK Ambassador to South Sudan

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14th January 2020 Juba, South Sudan

Twenty wishes for 2020

At the start of the year I have been discussing with my team @UkinSouthSudan what we would like to see happen this year. While this list is by no means exhaustive, and we may be overly optimistic if we think we will see it all come true, I hope at least some of the following 20 wishes for 2020 will become a reality this year.

  1. Cessation of hostilities holds
  2. Humanitarian situation improves with greater security and access granted to allow all those in need to receive life-saving support
  3. Aid workers are no longer targeted
  4. Fighting with non-signatories to the peace agreement stops, and the parties convince them to join the process by making genuine progress
  5. The formation of a single national army allows the security sector to provide genuine security for all South Sudanese rather than serving the objectives of a single party to the agreement
  6. Resolution of the States and Boundaries issue to allow the transitional government to form
  7. Transitional Government is fully inclusive, including women and youth representatives, and takes on its responsibilities to serve the people of South Sudan by:
  8. … focusing on transitional justice (Chapter 5 of the agreement) to address the atrocities committed during the conflict
  9. … bringing to an end all sexual violence – ensuring perpetrators are brought to justice and victims properly and respectfully cared for
  10. … transparently investing its resources in building the institutions required to run a democratic society
  11. … ensuring that the media is able to report freely on progress, and challenge openly when the parties fail to live up to their tasks
  12. … allowing civil society to fulfil its role holding those in authority to account, and supporting the aspirations of the people
  13. … empowering local authorities to focus on providing essential services to the people
  14. … recognising the AU focus this year on silencing the guns – by spending its money on its people instead of purchasing more tools of war
  15. There is no more child malnourishment – allowing the next generation to grow up healthy and in security, with the education required to have a prosperous future
  16. Investment in job creation allows South Sudan to benefit from its youthful population
  17. The country is secure enough to allow IDPs and refugees to voluntarily return home safely and start rebuilding their lives
  18. A democratic and stable South Sudan becomes less reliant on oil for its resources, and focuses on mitigating climate change
  19. UK peacekeepers are able to move on from UNMISS having successfully fulfilled their commitment to peace in South Sudan
  20. A revitalised partnership between the United Kingdom and South Sudan flourishes in a new era of cooperation and mutual respect

I am sure I have missed some critical issues but I hope you agree achieving some of these hopes would have a positive impact on everyone’s lives in this beautiful country. Please feel free to let me know in the comments what your own top wish is for South Sudan in 2020.

1 comment on “Twenty wishes for 2020

  1. Dear Ambassador Trott

    Thank you so much and your team for compiling the 2020 Wish List, also for all efforts in 2019 to help alleviate the suffering of many people in South Sudan and for serving well the interests of United Kingdom.

    Please allow me to add one more wish to the list: Work with South Sudan to meet the criteria required to join the Commonwealth.

    Many thanks and kind regards

    David Shahata
    Friends of Saint Mark’s Juba

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Chris Trott has been a British diplomat since 1991 and was previously the Special Representative for Sudan and South Sudan from August 2016 until March 2019. He has worked in…

Chris Trott has been a British diplomat since 1991 and was previously the Special Representative for Sudan and South Sudan from August 2016 until March 2019. He has worked in Burma, Japan, Afghanistan, the South Pacific and both West and Southern Africa. In 2007 he was appointed as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Senegal, accredited also to Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde and Mali.