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20th October 2010 Chevening, UK

Social justice and human rights in Nigeria

The Centre for Social Justice & Human Rights (CSJHR) works to promote social justice and human rights in Nigeria. It was set up by Chevening alumnus Francis Moneke. Francis writes about the centre below;

Poverty and human rights violations have become rampant in Nigeria due to pervasive corruption and impunity among those who exercise public powers. Ordinary Nigerians consequently suffer severe deprivations of both economic and civil rights. The CSJHR is a movement that seeks to use the law, vigorous advocacy and popular mobilization to influence fundamental changes in the status quo.

CSJHR uses social action litigation to hold government accountable to its Constitutional obligations. The organisation also provides free legal assistance to victims of human rights violations in the hands of law enforcement officials. Through human rights education and awareness raising, CSJHR seeks to create a legally competent citizenry that is intensely conscious of rights and civic responsibilities.

Through programmes of capacity building, entrepreneurial training, and job placement services, the CSJHR works to make young Nigerians gainfully employed, as a key strategy for poverty alleviation in the country. The organisation places high premium on education as a fulcrum for development and emancipation, it therefore strives to ensure that good education is availed to all who deserve and cherish it, and that every barrier to access to education in the country is removed.

CSJHR’s new page on facebook is already gaining wide popularity due to our active and consistent campaign against injustice and human rights violations in Nigeria. We have also created a blog where we post our activities and discussions.

The CSJHR has recently challenged the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (an Agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria) for charging N1500 from thousands of job applicants. The organisation is demanding full refund of the application fee to all applicants with a threat to commence legal action against the Agency if it fails to comply within one month. This is a species of fraud that undermines the economic rights of millions of suffering Nigerians. It has become an order of the day for employers of labour to demand one sort of payment or the other from hapless and helpless applicants for jobs that are not even guaranteed. This practice also obtains in the education sector where students are required to pay for virtually everything – from registering for courses and examinations to viewing their results – a practice that seriously debars access to education. CSJHR is committed to fighting these unfair practices that undermine the socio-economic rights of millions of Nigerian, thus perpetuating poverty.

CSJHR has received a donation of a parcel of land in Awka, Anambra State for the construction of a library and youth orientation centre. This is a crucial project given that till date there is not a single library in this State capital, a situation that has negatively impacted on the standard of education in the State. Poor access to education in Anambra State has increased the crime rate in the State, especially kidnapping. A good library cum orientation centre will be an appropriate facility for reshaping the values of children and youths in Anambra State, and a vehicle for civic/economic empowerment. We are approaching the State government, well meaning Nigerians and international donors to support the project.

CSJHR is also soliciting the support of the Foreign & Commonwealth office, DFID and British Council towards the execution of its projects and realisation of its objectives.

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  1. I would like to know more about the activies of this organization.
    having school ,worked in U.K for over twenty years, My skill and experience will contribution to support the improvements ,and fight the injustices in Nigeria this is my main objectives., Iam an sincere person very hard working,love my country , Nigeria needs people with western world attitude to make the change, and make things works for the masses to benefit the good work of the World Bank Support Projects.I’m flexible for servce.

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