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Alison Daniels

Digital Transformation Leader at UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

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8th February 2013 London, UK

Jobs in the FCO digital team

We’ve just advertised two jobs in the FCO digital team in London.

They are:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Communications Manager (Middle East, North Africa and Global Security)

I’m biased of course, but these are two amazing roles. If you’re interested in how digital can deliver foreign policy objectives, have a passion for social media, want to develop and design digital campaigns and be part of the team that helps implement the FCO’s new Digital Strategy we want to hear from you.

Both roles are based in the Press and Digital Department. The PDD team is a dedicated, creative group of people at the frontline of Foreign Office communications. Digital is at the forefront of modernising the way diplomacy is done.

The digital communications manager will have responsibility for running our digital communications on high profile foreign policy issues including the Middle East & North Africa and security issues. The role also includes advising Ministers and working with our network of overseas embassies.

The social media manager will lead on driving forward the FCO’s extensive and vibrant social media presence ensuring we leverage social media to communicate our key messages and formulate policy. He or she will also advise our overseas network, as well as Ministers and Ambassadors.

You need to be a current UK civil servant to be eligible to apply. The closing date for both is the 18th February. To apply see the Civil Service Jobs website.

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