2nd August 2012 Lima, Peru

The magic of the Olympic Games in Lima

by Lucía Vásquez – Communication Section – British Embassy

London 2012: picnic en el parque

After years of preparation, thousands of athletes, sports fans and spectators all over the world witnessed the opening of the Olympic Games London 2012.  The great spectacle –masterminded by movie director Danny Boyle – was based on the social and economic transformation of theUK, from the industrial revolution to the technological revolution.  It also paid homage to the National Health Service (NHS), British children’s literature and British rock and pop hits of all time.

Around 10 thousand athletes paraded in the Stratford Olympic Stadium in an opening ceremony full of joy, colours and dancing.  We shared the excitement inPeru, thanks to an activity organised by the British Embassy, in Parque Reducto Nº2 in Miraflores, along with theMunicipalityofMiraflores, Samsung, DIRECTV and Procter & Gamble.

During the event –named “London 2012: picnic en el parque” – the live feed of the opening of the Games was broadcast using a big screen set in the park, whilst spectators had a picnic with family and friends.  About 600 people attended the event to enjoy the show and support the Peruvian delegation as they paraded in the Olympic Stadium.

The organisation of this activity, admittedly rather smaller than the official opening, took approximately two months’ preparation.  We formed our own British Embassy “Olympic committee”, made up of people who worked together to make this event feel like a typical British picnic day in St. James park in the heart of Miraflores in Peru.  And I can say we succeeded.

Children and adults enjoyed games and surprises and met Peruvian Olympic heroes like Gaby Pèrez del Solar, Rosa García, Vanessa Mallqui, amongst others.  The attendees, who brought snacks and even huge lunchboxes filled with food, anxiously awaited the procession of the Peruvian Olympic delegation, standing up and applauding intensely as they went by on the screen.

We hope to continue to share the joy of the Olympic Games during all of London 2012 with you, our community of friends.

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