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27th June 2019 King Charles Street, London

Dr. Aakanksha Upadhyay

Advisor, Newton Fund India

Celebrating women in science

Someone rightly said, the only barrier to promotion should be talent and effort. But women who account for almost 50% of the world’s population, whose contributions to our society are key to its functioning, despite exceling in a variety of fields have abysmal representation in them. One such area is Science, where less than 30% […]

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2nd April 2019 King Charles Street, London

Professor Andy Cundy

School of Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton

Tackling the Plastics Problem – SIN India

The input and build-up of plastic debris in our oceans is a major and increasing environmental problem. Plastics now comprise the majority of debris found in the sea, and are the most durable and persistent part of it. Estimates vary, but over 100 million tonnes of plastic may now be present in the oceans. While […]

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27th November 2015 Chennai, India

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by Bharat Joshi

British Deputy High Commissioner, Chennai

A Very Unlikely Ambassador

Today I celebrate 20 years in the Foreign Office. I joined, like many others, because I wanted to see the world and be a part of something that mattered. I remember during the induction a colleague who was less awed by the surroundings asking how long it would take to get promoted (answer 12 years if […]

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17th September 2012 New Delhi, India

Together we are stronger

The Science and Innovation Network in India travelled all over the country last week for the first part of the EU Science and Technology awareness campaign. We started with a busy day last Monday (10th September). Tom Wells, Deputy Head of the team, was presenting in Chennai. He was joined by Vimal Subramanian and Sam Kumar of the […]

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