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10th October 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia in 1987 and 1988

by Hazel Onn Hazel Onn lived in Bulgaria in the late 1980s when her husband Tony was Head of Security at British Embassy Sofia. Hazel kept many good memories of her time in Bulgaria, including of their diplomatic flat on Juliot Currie Str., Kuchia, the dog of their Russian neighbours, how once she was absolutely covered head […]

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27th May 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria – Where My Teaching Journey Began

by Phil Dexter Phil Dexter worked as British Council teacher and Teacher Coordinator in Sofia in the period 1987-1994. In Bulgaria, he set up and developed centres for self-access English lessons for students from secondary foreign language schools – a project that is now successfully used in other British Council representatives around the world. Phil has many dear memories from […]

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