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27th July 2017 London, UK

Christopher Kimber and Morgane Donse

Desk Officer, Democracy and Equality Team / Head of International, Evidence and Engagement, LGBT Equality (Government Equalities Office)

Sexual Offences Act: 50 years on

Today marks 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales, an important milestone in the UK’s own journey to full equality for LGBT people. Same-sex relations between men were against the law in England and Wales until 1967, when The Sexual Offences Act decriminalised private homosexual acts between two men aged […]

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11th May 2012 Washington DC, USA

Rosalind Campion portrait

by Rosalind Campion

Counsellor for Global Issues

An Evolving Debate in Europe and America

Something I always dread happened the other day. A lunch guest bounced up to me enthusiastically and asked me how I felt about the President’s announcement.  I was uncharacteristically but completely nonplussed.  I’d been in back to back meetings all morning in Sacramento (hearing a rather different view from that of the Bay on economics and innovation […]

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