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18th January 2021

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by Matt Field

British Diplomat

2021 – a year of action?

U.S. and UK flags on the mast

Joint blog by Matt Field, British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Eric Nelson, U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020 is over. Many of us have been counting the days until the end of the strangest of years. Of course the simple change of a calendar does not fix the problems we face, but it […]

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13th February 2019 Skopje, North Macedonia

Miroslav Draganov

Programme Coordinator, Institute for Human Rights (IHR)

Judicial Council as a guarantee of the judicial independence

“In the eyes of reasonable, just, truthful and informed person, the behaviour of a Judicial Council member should be flawless” – provision from the Code of Ethics of the Judicial Council. All wrongdoings made by individuals, no matter in which capacity they are, and no matter whether they have been done intentionally or by negligence, have […]

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28th July 2017 Skopje, North Macedonia

Fiona McIlwham

Western Balkans Director, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

‘I leave Skopje optimistic’

When Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, met Prime Minister Zaev and Foreign Minister Dimitrov in Trieste at the Western Balkan Summit, he was impressed with their energy and determination to make changes and their readiness to take bold steps. He welcomed their commitment to tackle reform challenges at home, to reset relations with neighbours and to re-energise Macedonia’s NATO and EU prospects. […]

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4th April 2011

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by Leigh Turner

Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna

Is Ukraine really reforming?

I often ask business and political contacts what they think about the progress of reform in Ukraine.  Responses are mixed: some say things are getting better, some that they are getting worse, and others that things are neither better nor worse, but just different. I recently discussed this with a group of eminent economic and […]

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