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30th March 2017 Skopje, North Macedonia

Paul Edwards

Deputy Head of Mission

Getting your kilo of tomatoes

On 29th March, the Deputy Head of Mission, Paul Edwards, spoke at a national conference to discuss the effectiveness of the state and public administration. The conference was part of an ongoing UK funded programme on monitoring administrative justice. This is what Paul said about the link between public services and tomatoes: The UK has […]

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14th February 2014

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by Christopher Prentice

Former British Ambassador to Italy

Spending Review: a hot topic in Italy

Spending Review often seems a very dry and technical subject. But bear with me. It really matters. Hardly a day goes by in Italy without the front pages of the national newspapers or headline news discussing the government’s intention to save €32bn over three years through a Spending Review led by Commissioner Carlo Cottarelli. Soon […]

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