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28th January 2011 New York, USA

“I’m a legal alien…”

Sting’s song about Quentin Crisp celebrated one British ex-patriate who made a home here. Last week, we honoured another.  In June 2010, Her Majesty The Queen honoured former Mountbatten Director Michael Billett with the award of an OBE. Michael has been working with the Mountbatten Programme for 15 years. Mountbatten provides young British, Indian and […]

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26th November 2010

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by Greg Dorey


A Bear Market?

The 683rd Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Michael Bear, is currently in Budapest with a party from the City. Rushing back from meetings in Brussels, I narrowly made it back to Ferihegy Airport just in time to greet him on arrival. The Lord Mayor tries to visit all countries taking on the EU Presidency just […]

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