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30th November 2012 Washington DC, USA

James Barbour

by James Barbour

Press Secretary and Head of Communications

Marshalling the Future

The following is a guest post by James Kariuki, Counsellor and Head of Politics, Economics and Communications Group at the British Embassy in Washington. Educational exchange is one of the most powerful forms of cultural diplomacy.  It changes lives—and sometimes it can change history. Had a young Kenyan man not been given the opportunity to […]

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26th November 2012 Atlanta, USA

Consul General - Atlanta, Annabelle Malins

by Annabelle Malins

Her Majesty’s Consul General, Atlanta

America’s Got Talent

This is the time of year when the winners of two of the most prestigious scholarship awards in the US are announced: the Rhodes scholars and the Marshall scholars. The young Americans named on those lists will next year launch into an experience which will shape their life paths: one to three years of fully […]

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27th April 2012 Washington DC, USA

Rosalind Campion portrait

by Rosalind Campion

Counsellor for Global Issues

Do we have the right to be forgotten on the internet?

Last night I hosted an event for former Marshall Scholars at the Embassy with a brilliant talk by Jeff Rosen on Google, the internet, and privacy. This is of course a hot topic at the moment – for the public, for Governments, for NGOs and for businesses. I’ve also got a keen interest in it as […]

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11th April 2012 USA

The more things change

Like a lot of people interested in US politics and economics, I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about the results of the last US census and the excellent analyses that demographers, political pundits and others have done on them. One thing that really strikes me is the projections of the US’s population out to […]

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