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3rd December 2013

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by Carolyn Browne

Former ambassador to Kazakhstan

A pie for shepherds

“And, most of all, the thing I liked about my time in England was shepherd’s pie!”  She beamed at me as we stood in the middle of the crowded hall in Almaty three weeks ago, surrounded by scurrying students clutching clipboards and asking probing questions of the 40 or so UK universities and colleges who […]

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20th May 2013 Beirut, Lebanon

Tom Fletcher

by Tom Fletcher

Former British Ambassador to Lebanon

The Brits are coming… but please stay in touch

It is good to see the waves of British visitors in Lebanon this Summer. British Airways are laying on extra flights, the Hay Festival has just been, and we have several brands – Jack Jones, Marks and Spencer, Virgin Radio, Ted Baker – opening in the coming weeks. This is exactly the relationship we want […]

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