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7th October 2016 London, UK

Sir David King

Special Representative for Climate Change

Taking action on Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest threat facing our generation. We urgently need to take collective action to halt the increase in global temperature and limit the risks posed to our economy and national and global security. I am proud that the UK has led the global transition to a low carbon economy. We were the […]

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11th December 2015 Montreal, Canada

Consul General Nick Baker

by Nick Baker

Consul General, Montreal

Climate Change Gets Personal

The climate change conference in Paris wrapped up today. Over the past two weeks there has been an array of commitments by governments around the World, including the UK’s, to tackle the climate change phenomenon and reduce the emissions that contribute to it. But what action are we all going to take as individuals?

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20th June 2013 Ottawa, Canada

Delivering on UK’s Renewed Interest in Nuclear Energy

The nuclear renaissance The detrimental impact of the coal industry on the environment, concerns over depleting fossil fuel reserves, and difficulty in keeping carbon emissions at bay has landed nuclear power back on top of the UK’s political agenda. Currently, the 16 reactors in the UK contribute 19% of electricity to the energy mix, and […]

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